Tuesday, August 09, 2011

It's August

Happy Birthday Singapore!

So, 1st semester coming to end soon.Still left with 1 summative test, 2 presentations and 3 final semester papers to do and 6 weeks of holidays will be here!Sweet!

Pretty psyched for the holidays,gonna try searching for temporary job too. Class chalet too, still thinking if I should go,sighhhhh.

Anyway,dug up a photo that I took during the sparkgreen camp, feel like we're in secondary school again,young and geeky.Heh,miss those days~

Then again,we're still young but not as young as before.Haha, & my aunts said I'm fat again when visited gran last sunday.Seriously really am I fat?:(

On last saturday went out with mum to nex.Been going there a lot huh. Eat and shop the whole afternoon away and bought this SilkyGirl fragrance for $8.90. First time trying so very excited to show y'all.Hee.Packaging so pretty too;>

I'm gonna change layout of blog again when holidays start.Can't wait!

Oh & no one done my poll!Please do k,need some feedback cos i know my life is boring & I'll need something to spice it up:/