Friday, October 31, 2014

Surfing Through October

This month is where the climax is reaching and things goes downhill from here. Wait, not really but rather some high and low. Hahahas.

A break from the hardcore studying, we made time for each other again to have Korean Army Stew, always never fail to taste flavourful and the spicy kick is just freaking awesome.

Since I missed Jenn Im the first time round, remember Digital Fashion Week? Waited in line for 2 hours+ finally I was able to meet my fave Youtubers - Stephanie & Jenn Im!!! Luckily I was there early cos the crowd just kept growing bigger as the time moved on. Literally so nervous when walking up to them and yay I got a hug from Jenn, saw myself for a nanosecond in her vlog and a like from Stephanie for Instagram! #cheapthrills

Definitely made my day and both of them was pretty in real person, needless to say oozing with the coolness vibe and just really being friendly and nice with their fans(:

Hopefully could see them again here next time! I shall bring some treats for them too. Hehes!

Grateful for at least having 2 pretty good happenings for this month. School was just...further aggravated by the results I received from tests. The last time I failed a test was like in secondary school, never thought it could happen again now. This showed consistency is the key and well...either you got the intelligence or you don't.