Monday, May 31, 2010

Game Over.

No idea if I should feel happy or sad.After spending THIS long time to prepare for today O, i've no confidence of scoring well for it,taken aback by the questions and my mind just went AWOL on me. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh/):

Spending most of my June Hols with school,SSP,SPA,blah,blah,blah.Hope could squeeze out some time for the GSS,all th news of this just tempt me to buy lots of things.Ughhhhhhhh.

Back to the fast pace sch life again,till now am still aimlessly searching what should I do after all this...good at nothing,what to doooooo?

Please let everything be okay...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Exactly 7 Days left till Chinese Os.
Last week really concluded something is really wrong with me,i can really tell myself to stop dreaming and start bucking extra freaking hard.Getting closer every minute,every second that passed.

PE lesson was sort of the only good thing that happened for this 2 weeks.At least that's a plus point.

Shall end this post with a happy(positive) note,least i will be trying to help someone and giving my very best when the time comes.Gonna study and mug like hard for this week and hoping,praying the product will come as a good one.All the best to those taking the Os on 310510!(:

God Bless!

Sunday, May 16, 2010



Had gone through a very bad week,What is wrong with me?
1.Failed Napfa.
2.Failed Eng P2(MYE!).
3.Chinese grade drop,just few cm away from my A.(MYE!)
Oh crap,is it just me or is this is supposed to happened?Really lagging behind time and people alr.sigh.sigh.sigh.Only left 14 days till Chinese O.

So many things happened at such a short time & i'm suffocating from it alr,even having weekends seems like a disaster,going out with mum,a voice in my brain keep reminding me,you have to start revising now,you've so many tests for next week and you're slacking alr!No time left to lose!Argh,you know how irritating that is?Even if i wanna escape for awhile,this thoughts just came tagging with me):

Ugh,life seriously sucks,really can't wait for Os to be over.Weekends officially means studying for tests and doing homework time to do anything else really.Feeling all the stress now..



Kelly's day today,lovee the board we done for her,one and only and priceless.Heh(:

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers!(:

Pretty much busy with schoolwork everyday,after completing a task,another one come th next day.Officially start hating every bit of th things i need to do,endless stuff to complete within such a short time.Only robots could do so fast.Am trailing behind like a slowcoach now.Losing all my senses soon..sigh.

Last minute told that there's th 5 stations need to do last friday,this time i did a whole lot worse in my entire life i've been through,failed th damn thing horribly,making a fool out of myself,losing hope.Hate myself for being like this.

celebrated Mother's day with th family at maternal side,had a good dinner today and whole lot of worksheets to accompany me and revision to do.From now onwards,all th worksheets are my best friends,follow me wherever i go and will not stop till O lvl is here.I have a very sucky life,now its just 100 times worse.Great.Just great.

Gotta go now,you've wasted 3-5mins of your time reading.well done.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


had a good time with family ytd.Went cycling in th evening.Was feeling really awkward,so many ppl around and no idea how to ride a bike,sigh.Still,was fun nevertheless!Hope there's still more of this to come!(:

oh ya,found out th Lady Gaga news may be just a hoax,for humour whatsoever-.-Ah well~
lesson learnt;sometimes not whatever news in net is true,should check its reliability first.Funny yes?

A Maths test on tues,still not really sure of th differentiation nor integration,feel like treading on th water.Life sucks alright,still have more tests and exams to come.Wake up Peggy!Stop dreaming alr!):

Thank Goodness tmr no school,else i'll be really unprepared.Been slacking th whole weekend away,watching TV,reading books and using com.Trying to delay everything else.Really got to stop it before it gets worse.Competition is heating up faster than i expected,sigh.Need to pull my socks and everything else up and buck up real hard and tight.

okay,shall end my rants here.