Monday, April 27, 2009

MYE:Chinese P1&2.
really have no idea what to study except for th letters format.
hope can pass and score well for it.
musn't fall back,alr slack enough.
God Bless.
NAPFA 2.4km today.
kinda fast today,tiring still though.
hope XueTing is alright.
God bless her too.
imeem player smth wrong,
so change th player.
Ms Neo kinda good uh,
treat us ice-cream as >80% of th class passed th run i think.
hope could take us for th 5 stations.
surely can pass.
hahas,gonna end here now.
Jiayous to ppl who are taking exams tmr too(:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

went back to school to do test.
always will be stuck with questions.
gave up after that.
exams coming soon,
really need to buck up.
still have so many things left undone.
time doesn't feel right.
Trigonometry and Logarithms is driving me crazy.
need help with maths.
understand some parts and th rest is making me confused.
hoping hols to get here fast.
forget about everything and just rest would be good.
been typing craps i guess.
whatevs,really have nth to update about.
ends here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally,breakthrough & really gotten a SILVER!!!
Oh My God!Couldn't believe it.
Finally after getting years of Bronze,really gotten a SILVER!
uber happy now:DD
really owe it a lot to many people,Mr Lims especially,lols.
Congrats to th Choir!(:
last SYF really is a memorable one!
Yay for Choir!hahas.
having chalet & Free BBQ on June Hols!Hees.
Looking forward!
sadly for me,tmr still have undone tests to complete.
sigh,ah well,scarifices are made,so..faced it then.
will still put on my happy mode for awhile though,heh.
shall end here now!((:

really had been long since feeling so much joy and happiness.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

still not fully prepare for it yet.
so nervous.
gonna miss 2 (or was it 1?maybe 3?shit!) tests/practical tmr.
hate staying back just to take th tests/practical.
anyway Thank you SczeYin so very much for today:D
felt better alr.
damn many tests/exams coming up.
shit,really hasn't revise much.
what to do?
i need help.
i need motivation.
i need those marks.
so won't be th last.
cos i hate being last.
not a good feeling at all.
oh shit...
hope can get Silver leyy.
must break th bronze record.
Wish us luck!
God Bless(:

Monday, April 20, 2009

E-Learning day today.
kinda useless to me.
Don't even know a heck about logarithms.
least completed everything that need to be done.
2 mre days till syf.
worried bout can't catching up with schoolwork.
just want th time to turn back,start afresh again.
grasp th concept all over again.
MYE coming soon,still lagging behind time.
no idea how am i goin to clean up my mess.
its harder than i thought it would be.
just like ,its easy to spend money but hard to earn it back,
sometimes ppl put on facades right?
i find it really interesting.

how ppl can change so fast and easily.
just like someone who said,its all in your mind.
its th mentality that makes you different from everyone.
so there's no one who is th same.
how ppl change...
so hard to find trueself.
how hard it takes to build up a self-esteem,
so likely to just crushed up easily.
it always take time to get back up again.
so easily said,so hard to get it done.
when everything just didn't go your way,
what would you do?
how will you react to it?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This reminds me of one of th Clannad episodes.
A touching scene of th reunion of Ushio and Okasaki(:
went to CBD area on fri,nth much.
just sit outside th building learn,different environment nia.
Food & Fun Fair today.
weather is damn hot.
hotdogs were sold out quite fast.
spend 10 bucks on food and drinks.
made me so bloated,gonna get fat:X
mon is e-learning day,boring.
tons of mre hwk to do.
4 mre days till syf.
MYE coming soon,shit.
many things to do in such short time.
when will th day of freedom come?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

so much stuffs to complete,just so little time.
wth can.
syf coming soon,hope really can break th bronze award.
fun fair on sat.
surely not gonna enjoyed a lot.
no idea why,just have this feeling.
oh well~
hope time flies at a faster speed.
till th jun hols.
painted th shirt for fun fair.
really have no artistic gene in me.
just many nerd genes.
painted and touch up till it look so hideous.
no offence to yx,my fault and bad.
don't really like it at all,
shld have bring own brush and paint.
still too late anyway.
spilled th milk alr.
freaking pissed with somethings.
probably over-sensitive to things.
wish i had someone to talk to now.
that hopefully understand.
blame on my anti-socialness too,duh.
seems to have friends but like no friends.
anyone get what i mean?
not directly tht meaning of course.
but whatevs.
get it or nt,doesn't change th fact at all.
wtf,feel like giving up alr.
hope its over soon anyway.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

moodless yet,again.
i really have no idea what's going on in my freaking mind,
but it has a life,its views on things.
i have no idea how to handle.
it led me to think of many stupid stuffs,
filled with ache and tears.'s like so lifeless now.
doing everything for th sake of everything.
it's lame,it's childish,it's matter-less.
yet it still weigh heavy and occupied my mind,my space.
freaking things.
really feel like screaming out loud,
blaming everything on everyone,
that happened to me.
can't seem to settle,
things start to stir again in my head.
once settled,
start all over again in a matter of seconds,minutes,hours,days,months,years.
if there was a 'delete' button in my mind,
i would just surely delete all th friggin' thoughts.
and those memories.
regretted doing such stuffs,which ended up better if not knowing at all.
thanks a bunch,how great it feel to be frozen by them.
just time & things just stop working in my mind.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ytd went for choir excahnge with Bedok Green Sec.
kinda cool,they're kinda heart-warming?(:
really welcoming.
gotten nervous when it was our turn to sing.
gotten many hwk just becos we had a extra day of hols.
don't they even spare a thought for us?
went to do ss project with th gals.
went to SinYi hse to do,nicee house(:
very nice ppl tht welcome us.
Talked-->Crapped-->Gossiped-->Camwhored & Many Laughters:D

finished quite fast & it started pouring rain.
taken many funny shots,hahas.
a very Good Friday indeed;DDD

Stern eh?hahas.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hey Monday<3

went to temple,cos today is th day after ytd Qing Ming Jie.
waited kinda long for everyone to reached.
not done with maths hwk.
think i'm slacking much,gotta pull my socks up.
feel like i have wastes a lot of time doing useless stuff.
in th end?
seems like i gain nth much at all.
forget it,least this week only 4 days of sch.
A very Good Friday indeed.
lols,nth much to update.
mum gotten sick,rest well oh.
sometimes i think we shld count our blessings rather than things we doesn't have.
there's no perfection in everything at all.
that's what tht made th whole place feel kinda perfect?
contradicting myself.

anyway,mayb some get what i meant.
cos is what th different imperfections ppl hav,
then when we all are seen as one,perfect.
many things to clear,rethinking some things i hav in my mind;
gotta go.

Friday, April 03, 2009

hope won't flunk th oral.
kept on stuttering.
saw my marks though>.<
2 mre weeks + till syf.
hope can get a better award uhh.
ytd practice was kinda good(:
nth much to update.
hwk for th weekends again,mg.
tiring sey.
full dress rehearsal at VCH on th 14th.
fun fair on 18th.
nt even a ticket sell out yet.
oh wells~
pretty much busy everyday.
finally gotten th yearbook.
look retarded.
am loss for words.