Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tiny Little Update

Helloooooo! July is coming to an end soon and next week should be THE most busy week. With possible 3 presentations to do, 2 online quizzes and 1 written test. Hopefully all goes well and be over real soon!(:

Too much work and catching up to do at home. Shall update this space again when there's some happenings, heh. I wonder who reads my posts, kinda interesting to know. Maybe you could leave a comment below to lemme know?^^ That rhymes!Hahahas.

Really can't wait for vacation to come, gonna find job this time, no more fickle minded thinking and try my best to do it well and earn some money~

Sem 2.2 next, another new chapter to unveil.

Next post should be fun cos meeting clique for the weekend!Weeeeee(:

Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Little Things- Jammin' July

Its July! No updates for the past 2 weeks due to heavy school work...okay using the same excuse every time is really lame, plus no social life so home is where I'm cooped up in.Heh.

Busiest month of all time: Tests, presentations, proposals, projects majority due this month. How to not be stress? I feel like a wreck, dark circles gets darker, pimples breakout, lethargic and moody most of the time. Now my only hope for this month is to survive, submit all the workloads on time and stay healthy. Remember to feel gratitude too, I'm counting on for good news to come(:

MST results were satisfying except for finance, such a close one, must work harder on it. Still can't get that business courses are so competitive.Argh!

Talked and thought about so much things we wanna do, wanna buy, wanna try. Really eye-opening for me, like a part of me open up and saw another world. How many times I had felt this tingly feeling when I thought of all the possibilities and hopes and dreams. I really hope to make most of it happen though. In a few years' time maybe?

Then there's also the negative part, felt cheated, taken for granted, abuse my kindness(Ok that sounds harsh, lol) and so so sick of the emotional ride. Why are there people like this? Always bump into this type of people. The best thing is I NEVER learn my lesson, I just keep giving and giving and giving. Dumb right? Someone should just knock some sense into my mind. I can't help myself, not yet. Part is also losing the bond that is build, I'm always afraid of losing. Someday I could just lost everything I ever had/wanted, taken for granted too.Life.

Night time always makes me think the most. I would look at the bright side, things would change for the better somehow when I got the guts to change and make it happen without losing out. Somethings just doesn't follow you throughout your whole life right? Born alone, die alone. Questions the impossibles.

Okay, I think I'm getting carried away. Sorry for the moody post, sort of. Lol. I will post happier things next time!So we all will be happy!Shalalala~

Needa to continue working on my work now~