Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flames To Dust.

Went to Hg Mall ytd.borrowed books(: Didn't manage to buy any CNY clothes cos none to my liking.Gonna try again next week.Another week of sch again.Had done my homework and revise some words for tests tmr.Hope i could pass it.God Bless!

My com mouse is like freaking irritating.Lag when i wanna it to move-.- change to another mouse still no use.Hmph.

Really in lovee with Baby by JustinBieber!Catchy tune~

no use no use no use.still feeling upside down.really hate all this mix feelings.FML.Seriously.

read this!(below)Cute really-short story(:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Messed Up

Many things happened at sch,good and bad.
Good:Passed my geog test and survived this week!(:
Bad: upset,running hot&cold,sch matters-shall not elaborate cos its not my say and stuffs.

Piling up homework,endless of tests.sigh.really hope time pass quicker,graduate from sch...
went to point with mum,finally bought my wedge!Kinda studded and lil strappy((: Thanks mommy!!hope could wear it often or smth.Hee,so in love with it! been damn long since i last wear heels/wedge,stop wearing around pri 3/4.All th way till now.heh.Gonna go shop for new year's clothes tmr and borrow more books to read.Fantasy is th only escape for me from reality.Get suck into th stories,in my nice lil world with no one else((:

Really have no idea what's happening to me,getting restless of stuffs.Wanna find someone to talk to but dunno who to turn to.Cos everything is not th same anymore.people change,trust in them change.gonna burst soon,but who to talk to?Am i behaving like a childish kid?I don't understand anything anymore.Speechless of wht to say.Wished i could just numb these feelings inside,rantings won't change anything,no matter wht.Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Goin crazy inside!!!!!I need help...


Saturday, January 23, 2010


Had a busy & seriously hectic week.Could guess that th days ahead would get even tougher and more hectic.SSP after lessons,CCA & tons of homework,don't really have a lot of free time left cept on weekends?sigh.Anyway will try to managed/organized everything.

Had CCA carnival ytd,was fun in a way,but not really that enthusiastic.Heard get a lot of ppl?But no sure if they're gonna join or not.Hope they would,else everything would just crashed.Sec 1s really looked lil and damn cute,still like pri sch kids(;

Sorry for th lack of updates too,guess i won't be posting much with all these stuffs on my hand.
probably will try to post when i'm free...which is th weekends?(: Even my daily readers drop drastically,which is damn shitty can?): Oh well~i've got enough to worry about.Will post if i can,promise!lol.

Really..i've seen many hypocrites,including me,but sometimes i just can't stand it,doing things that you don't really like,getting to th good side of others.having troubles go to them,no troubles just dump them like a toy.Like seriously,get a life.& I just keep hanging on...i'm just like them,,i really Hate myself for doing this,screw it.No amount of sorrys would help at all.Only way is to stop doing it,tell th truth...perhaps waiting for th right time,only time will tell.

Shall end here...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back To Reality.

                                               Photo Credits:Mr Wong,Mr X,Trainer Mizi.

Sch tmr,everything just passed so fast.Missing camp still.added few trainers in fb,heh(:
Having many tests this week,hav to start revising.forgotten some homework tht need to be done too,sigh.
memory is failing me,needa eat omega 3 or smth to boost my memory.still in camp mood,like how how?:/

Gonna find some time to print out some of th photos too(: Still waiitng for cher & trainer to load th photos.spent ytd with com,books and tv,boring ttm.Goin Gran's house later.Nothing much to update so shall end here.Really can't believe sch is tmr!damn.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photos Part 1.

Photos Credits:Mr Wong,Mr X,Trainer Mizi


Friday, January 15, 2010

3 Cheers & 3 Cheers For Camp!

Hihi!back from camp!Its was FUN FUN FUN!Awesome to th max!;DDD
Cept th washrooms which is like damn disgusting.yucks.Gonna miss th trainer(s) loads too. Especially Asyraf.Really a good trainer,giving us hints along th way,taught us cheers/songs,humourous guy.Hahas.Don't regret going for it.Had a really great time with th class in th end,guess we're somehow closer(:
Campfire was THE best!Every class/groups performed and it was fab!They group us using spongebob characters & we're Patrick Star!Lovee all th games/activities and stuff.Time was quite unorganized but overall still great;D
Done many teambuliding games,explorations etc.Guess i shouldn't elaborate much else it will turn into an essay alr & you'll get bored!Heh.Ms Kalidal is still cute as ever.LOL.Won th most consistent group too at camp,weets!(:Teachers also toook quite a lot of photos so if can,will upload them up.
All good things come to end no matter what.Absence just make th heart grows fonder.So true!
Start to miss those good'ol camp times.sigh...)':

Random:Photo from th ceremony thing.heh.I know i look like a retard.

Oh well~Least i'm home noooow!Cleanest place!(:
Really gonna miss those good times!Memorable Camp ever!(:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Off To 'Paradise'.

Short post before going for camp tmr.Not sure if i should be happy or sad or just feeling-less.
almost packed complete,but looked like auntie-ish.cos a lot of things,bag can't fit all.sigh.Hope no one laughs or anything.heh.probably see if i could take out some stuffs...):

Still hav upcoming tests after camp,where am i goin to find time to study th subs?freaking wtheck.

till friday,so i guess no difference cos i post like 2-3 posts a week?Feeling nervous & worried right now.probably mix with other ppl and will get homesick.argh..hate it!Really hope everything goes well & smooth.God bless please with many cherries on top!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


love th room!<3

Went to visit Sp ytd with SKY.Really is a huge place.went to have lunch there and walk around.took back courses booklets but no goodie bag cos needa sigh buddy form & stuff.Oh well~there's still next yr(: Walk around The Verge & back to CP.Borrowed books(:

Celebrated Gran's B'day at a so-called restaurant at th industrial park.Food are really wicked delicious,YUM(: spent $899's nice to have th whole family there for Gran's B'day.Simply heart-warming.wished i've hugged then:( Hope she will stay happy and live longgggg!Luv you Gran!<3

Swollen eye in th morning,sigh.Hurts when i blink my eyes,yikes.Anyway gonna go mall today to borrowed books again and hopefully could buy my watch for camping.Gonna take th scholarship this evening.yay!((:

Shall end here!Bye!

Friday, January 08, 2010

2's a Company,3's a crowd.

Finally its Friday!Looking forward to weekends now!((;
Had a okay week.Visited Ngee Ann Poly ytd,its a huge place but didn't really make use of th time to get to know th courses.Just went to take goodie bag after a short vid on th poly.Pretty much crowded there.

Nothing exciting happened in sch cept for th time in Ms Kalidal and Mdm Zurina lessons.Both are damn good teachers.Being taught by them is really bliss although sometimes its er:o
Watching vids on YT this few days.There's this someone who looked soooo pretty,& soooo envy of her stuffs and probably her life.heh.

Having mood swings time & time again,which sucks big time, idea is it really PMS or am feeling this way becos of...shall not write here.think i'm overreacting again but seriously can't control th emotions.Think i'm seriously a jackass.

Anyone who sometimes felt like a 3rd party?As in you are doing stuffs but feel like it's not you who're doin it?Like you are looking at someone else doin like in tv?It feels vague and sometimes i really don't understand why.sigh.Nevermind.don't think anyone could get what i mean.but if you know,tell me how you feel.heh:/

I sooooo want tht Polaroid camera!:(

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Start.

First day of school...kinda okay.seeing th sec 1s gathering near th canteen made me remember th time when i was Sec 1.Geeky-looking,long skirt & socks.& now,alr sec 4.Seriously changed.
class interaction and 1st day alr have hwk!tht's like way fast.New classmate too(:

Going to Ngee Ann Poly open house on this,could see all th courses(:Camping on 12-15 Jan.same camp place as in sec 2.kinda boring place.toilets are like dirty ttm.with tht period of time which have not come yet,also another problem.Hope it won't come!God please bless!): Hope th whole class would be tgt too,hope no need to split up.

okay,think i shall end here!Seeya!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

1st post of th year!Definitely wouldn't missed out new resolutions for 2010(:

1.Study Hard & Score Well for O's/Tests/Exams[God please Bless me!]
2.Family/Friends stay happy & healthy[not really a resolution,more of hoping,heh]
3.Stop being a crybaby
4.Be braver facing problems/troubles/difficulties
5.Stop slacking off /procrastinating
6.Stop being a pain to ppl;mind my own business
7.Stop being jealous/envious of people's life[kinda impossible]
8.Cut down on on9-ing so much

think 8 for now,hope should be MUST aimed to do it all.Gonna try to stay strong for th year.How bout your resolutions?(: