Monday, January 04, 2010

New Start.

First day of school...kinda okay.seeing th sec 1s gathering near th canteen made me remember th time when i was Sec 1.Geeky-looking,long skirt & socks.& now,alr sec 4.Seriously changed.
class interaction and 1st day alr have hwk!tht's like way fast.New classmate too(:

Going to Ngee Ann Poly open house on this,could see all th courses(:Camping on 12-15 Jan.same camp place as in sec 2.kinda boring place.toilets are like dirty ttm.with tht period of time which have not come yet,also another problem.Hope it won't come!God please bless!): Hope th whole class would be tgt too,hope no need to split up.

okay,think i shall end here!Seeya!

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