Monday, August 31, 2015

August's Drama

This month is where we seen our efforts paid off after months of preparations. Although some areas were not as well done, with many stumbling blocks along the way, frustrations, being disappointed with the way I handled situations, I am still glad I got to through the whole FOW experience with them. So much wonderful memories made and despite all the differences we had, with the common goal we manage to pull through and still had fun at the same time. It was nice while it lasted. Good and bad, I really learnt a lot from everyone. Thankful to receive so much help from the team for the mistakes I had made and that I don't deserve.

National Day was celebrated at Kallang area, though would be able to see the fireworks but all the buildings at the opposite end bock it. The panorama view was still scenic nonetheless and got to visit the national stadium and soak in the lively atmosphere.

Met up with friends for some days and food was so goooood~

Tried the shiok Maki that everyone is talking about and it is definitely shiok! But if I were to keep eating it repeatedly probably will get sick of it as it is rather creamy. Just 2 dishes of this is enough.

Tried Japaneses pizza too.

Pretty good chicken and sweet potatoes fries on the side though the presentation of the dish not that appealing hahaha.

Tried rolled ice cream from Pasar Malam, expensive ice cream but creative way of making ice cream just by pouring the liquid on a cold board.

Went for CLEO Career Academy, to learn more about the different industries the invited panelists were in. Pretty meaningful takeaways from this event and I got to see Andrea Chong and Sandra Riley Tang~ Such beautiful and talented people that succeeded in life. Someday....