Friday, March 30, 2012

The Little Things- Hit 18 & Buffet!

We did a surprise for our lovely March babies at their respective homes with the "fake" and real presents. Their expressions was pretty epic.LOL. Hope they like and enjoy it!^^

Went to cycle after our lunch.Spent quite a period of time learning how to cycle, unable to get it cos I can't find my balance point so shall try again next time but our dear friend managed to grasp it and with her continuous determination she did it!So happy for her though it was kinda wobbly at times, she did it!Heh(:

1 Successful jump shot out of many failed ones,hahas.

Felt really happy when riding fast(technically its was YX who helped) and the speed causes wind to blow against my faces feel so good and exhilarating~ woo!

Came home with very tired and sore legs and bug bites but really felt nice to hang out again with those quirky friends of mine.Lucky to have them:,)


Shabu-Sushi buffet at Nex, love love the yummy food and company! Went to play at arcade after that, had tea time at Dessert Story and borrow more books to read!^^

Time passes real fast when with them, fab day out!(:

Now think I had a swollen ankle which I've no idea how I got it.Always the ever clumsy person.Sigh.

I wish the wind would carry my troubles and frustrations away...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Little Things- Cookies, Dentist & Hunger Games

Another week gone, exactly 1 month of break left.So not looking forward to school.

Anyway on Monday went to YX house for some cookies baking and horror movie fun. Spent quite a long time to bake chocolate chips cookies and gingerbread cookies. Rent 'Dream House' to watched together, not really scary but quite touching(:
(Pic grabbed from SinYi)
Preferred chocochips to gingerbread,hees,tastes so much better(:


Went to visit dentist to clean my teeth, gotten inflammation on gum the next day. Definitely not a good feeling cos blood just keep dripping out.Thanks to the meds feeling much better.Although I had a hard time chewing food and breaking them into small pieces.Lol.

Out with JX for Fish Market lunch at Iluma and promptly caught The Hunger Games after that, kinda rush but managed to get good seats.Hahas. Feel like reading the books after watching but overall movie is superb, rating it 4/5 stars!^^
There's this scene though that made me jumped becos didn't expected it, heh.

Ended our day with laughter's.Enjoyed JX's company(: Thank you for the wonderful day!

Next week should have quite a bit of excitement with the girls again!Whee~Can't wait!(:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Little Things-Over The Week

Taking a slower pace now, job interview failed, first rejection, hahas. It's alright anyway, probably would just chill at home and watch tons of movies, exercise a bit.

Went to watch Timeless Love, thought from the preview it would turn out nice to watch but really gonna rate it 3/5.It was just meh.Story plot kinda draggy and boring although there's a meaning behind the movie and the actor, Aloysius if I'm not wrong is kinda cute and familiar...don't know where I've seen him act before.Hmm...

There was a lot of kids in the theatre, primary plus secondary students,lol.Kinda funny, like so old now.

Met a cute little girl in the library while searching for books, she show me what book she reading and pointing to it,smiling up at me(: Seriously so adorable and how one little smile by a stranger could really bring brighten up my day.Bliss~

The high point of this week is probably the food, had eaten so much tasty food like the crispy chicken wings, french fries, new instant noodles, fave cup corn, hearty breakfast of veggies and ham sandwich and mom's home cooked meals.Ah but mostly junk food-.- Oh well~

Oh ya, exam results were out too, it was surprising, really contented with it:D
Luckily I've done my best.Hehes.

Shall update again soon!^^

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Little Things-Small Haul & Short Dinner Date

A short meet up with our friend,HY at Vivo, again.There's this Chinese restaurant beside Daiso that I've been wanting to try so we head there for dinner,the food is splendid,very much affordable, each only spent about $12 compared to all other places we've been,which we spent like so much more.5 dishes and 3 drinks,would definitely visit there with my parents if can,hee^^

After that walk around some places,talked and talked and talked,return home before midnight.Great catching up.Thanks for the awesome time!(:


Here are some stuffs bought during all the trips out, can't wait to try out my earpiece,better last me for along time.Heh.

This week had been busy going out and stuffs,guess everything reached its peak and now its time to settle back to alone time soon,organising my room,my thoughts.

Life as it is.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

All In A Day

Went shoe hunting with YX but ended up not buying, but bought other stuffs and watch movie.Lol, typical change of events. Ate I♥TaiMei food for lunch,actually set lunch, quite tasty^^

One of the things bought was what we're wearing,heh:)Just for the fun of taking pics~

Movie we caught was This Means War, must say it's pretty much action packed,romantic,humorous, giving 4.5/5 Stars!Oh and I saw another Singapore production movie advert,look interesting too^^ called Timeless Love,think only showing at Shaw? Shall catch it soon too(:

Monday, March 05, 2012

My Favourite Girls

So yesterday an impromptu meet up with my girls, ate at Thai Nudle Cafe in Vivo City, food was quite alright, except our dear girl go and order some Tom Yam beehoon that's 2 times spicy than the norm, first taste already quite choking,lol,but it tastes very intense and yummy,love and hate it really:)

Went window shopping awhile, bought little things but nevertheless had a blast with them, never fail to laugh so much, acted silly in front of them and gossip.Hahas, a lovely time with them always^^

Here's us being silly,can you guess what animal we're acting as?Hehes.