Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feel relief right now.
luckily Mrs V was kinda funny,lighten my mood.
not tht nervous,heh,hope i'm able to pass.
went fot maths lesson awhile.
still full of questions tht i don't understand.
oh ya,today's my 100th post!((:
will also be on Hiatus till EOY exams over.
so gonna work hard for it.
wish my luck kayz!
Hope could get better results this time round.
God Please Bless Me!)':
will work double,triple hard!
Gambette Peggy!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Been long since i updated.
tmr English Oral exam!
what to do???
my Eng is like shit,crap.
Teacher will be Mrs V.
OMG,definitely gone case.
still,have to try my best not to stuttered,make some eye contact & speak in complete sentences without singlish and express it correctly.
okay...tha's gonna be hard.
wish me luck for tmr)':

oh ya,went to NUS during wed.
learning journey about Bio.
kinda cool,but not what i expected.

Preserved animals i think,looks sort of fake yea?
they're cute anyway.
saw many other animals too.
lazy to elaborate.hehs.
shall end here!
why did 000 gave me th hot and cold?
serioulsy don't understand at all.
one sec is was all okay,th next sec i'm like a virus or smth.
hate it when 000 just act as it was all normal.
could spare me all this craps.
though confrontations are never easy or good,
its th least 000 could tried.
i'm like a idiot around 000.
why don't 000 just make it clear?
life sucks.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ytd out with B.
accompany her to pierce her 2nd earhole.
Pretty aye!(:
aftermath went iluma,tres chic place((:
think its mre suitable for 14-20+ ppl.
hahas,7 storey high,carparks in between.
tried on Berrylite,100% fat free yoghurt.

washrooms and lift look classic.
don't mind goin there again,hehs.
went bugis st hunt for some clothes.
damn crowded,but still hav fun.
saw a artiste there,envy her thin nicee!
after walking for so long finally bought everything wanted.
Thanks B!
mrt-ed back,went to library to borrow books.
& home after that.
hope today can complete th hwks and revise some subs.
shall end here!:D

Friday, September 18, 2009

weekends is here again.
means left 2 mre weeks till exams.
gotta start revision soon.
nth much happened,just th same old routine.
oral exam on next sat..don't think i will pass well.
after reading tons of books all this years,english doesn't seem to be improving at all.
sheesh.all are like craps.
hope cca stand down soon.
so many things to do so little time.
& with this state of mine,just want to surf th net made me no mood to revise at all.
wht to do?
time really flies,just 1 mre yr,1 super major exam will decide my future.
everything just come down to this major exam.
without education also can't go anywhere.
argh...hope everything jsut pass soon.
free from studies and...
feel like everything is going wrong...
way too much to handle.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

School reopens tmr,sighhhhhhhhhhhhh.
went for haircut today,seriously not what i expected.
ignorance is bliss.
it's very short right now.
think i look like a Retard )':
with th pining up th fringe.
hope no one will laugh?:X
hair please grow faster!!!
argh,anyway just temporary so...shouldn't think too much?
wanna laugh just laugh away.
hav to stop thinking of how ppl look at me.
just be myself for once...if i know who i'm  really is lahs.
gahh,so complicated.

forget it.
currently really addicted to all those vampires stories.
lovee th suspense and th mysteries in it.
me want mre!!!
managed to squeeze in a lil bit of time to revise bit of maths and bio.
tmr is th start of term 4...
means 3 mre weeks till EOY exams.
Goshhh,really have to start revising and ask questions.
should go for early hiatus yea.
shall end here!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Another day out,with mum to J8.
sadly,there's no Betrayed book)':
gonna try my luck again this sat.
walk around,bought nth much.
kinda wasting time away.
yet to complete th Amaths Matrices.
seriously don't understand a single thing(shit) about this.
cracked my brain,look up ace-leaning lessons thingy,finally understand smth.
tried out th other schs paper cher sent.
God,forgotten like almost everything learnt during th 1st semester.
shitto.gotta buck up,hav to control th temptation to on com to go net tmr and fri if can. messed up.Term 4 starting soon.
today's is 090909.special date indeed.
cca tmr.all th high notes hav to hit/sing:/
hope can complete majority of th qns of th maths papers.
sigh.Jiayous Peggy!You Can Do It!!!(:

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Choir in th afternoon,kinda slack,luckily didn't get punishment cos was late by 10mins:X
went to ace-learning to check on th maths thingy,bombarded with not just 1 but 4(i think) assignments.
like wth,is one week hols,not 1 mth sia.
definitely can't complete it before sch reopens.
cos no mood,may skip lot of qns,lazy)x
oh well~take on step at a time,see how first,heh.
oh yeah,borrowed this freaking cool book not long ago called Marked.
1st page,alr got hook into th story.damn addictive.
read finished and i want to borrow th next one!!!
only,think many ppl shld had borrowed it alr.
sigh,must hav luck,right time and right place.
lovee th storyline,also about Vampires(Vampyres),shld make it into a movie like Twilight:))
hope can borrowed it.
got th whole series out there.sigh!
shall end here.


Monday, September 07, 2009

Went for Chem remedial,didn't hav much studying,do some qns and went home.
prepared then went out with Best.
vivo to watch movie.
Thanks Kelly for checking th time for us.
movie was kinda meaningful actually,heh(:
shop awhile and went home.
cca tmr,uncompleted hwks to be done,
need haircut and cca again on thu.
think gonna leave one day to study for subs,refresh memory.
hope mummy recover soon too,hurts to see her in pain.
shall end here.
hols is so not hols.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ytd went to PasirRis Park with those girls.
had a great time,chatted a whole lot.
went cycling and playground.
Thanks many to you girls for accompanying me to th places i needed to go.
went bestie's hse to play after tht,then kinda get emotional.
heh,anyway,really glad we had th h2h.
know each other somehow more and closer now i guess[L].
honesty is th best policy:/

tons of hols hwk to do):
hope can complete everything asap.
but lazy uhh,always can't find th mood to sit and think and do.
sigh.still,gotta buck anyway.
goin to Gran's hse later.
oh & hope Aunt recover soon.God Bless(:

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Someday also gonna try taking hot-air balloon if can,hahas:X
Time flies,September alr.
think few mre weeks will be EOY exams.
will find motivation,time to study and ace th subs.
hah,easier said than done anyway:/
cca agin tmr,luckily ytd hol,only one day fer this week.
ankle still hurt much,especially th continous walking up and down of stairs.
what to do???no time,no money to see another doc.
& hav fear of th ankle pain now...sheesh.
useless right?boos!
was doing geog hwk,hope somehow will work tmr?
kinda lousy piece of work.heh.
CD period done smth interesting,kinda fun i guess.
gonna go back sch during th hols,for studies,for cca.
oh wells~life's like this.accept-->move on.
same rountine everytime.
shall end here...