Saturday, January 31, 2009

few days since i updated.
been real busy with sch and cca.
seriously killing me slowly.
anyway,Thanks again Darrel for th camp photos!((:
seriously look goddamn retarded and geeky in photos.
sigh~oh well.
so many hw and cca training became 3 times a week,&
1 of them has to be in th weekend.
which is today and dunno how many mre saturdays-.-
jeez,i feel like crying and screaming at th chersX(
later going to aunt's hse bainian.
at first was gonna give it a miss as i'll be bored there>.<

& is a annually tradition as she invited all th families.
so hoping it can be a exception for me.
but too bad i guess,sigh.
then obviously what adults do at there,gamble.
lols,except me,amazingly not gambling with them.
no mood to do play i guess.
so gonna chiong hw at there,else bored to death like other yrs.
i know,i'm a nerd.hahas(:
think i'm gonna lose my voice sooner or later.
singing soprano 1 is really tiring yea.
rather not take part in syf.
sucks,heck caring th points alr luhs.
so hard to get for tht ONLY 2 pts.
though it do matters for minus-ing.
still,rather concentrate on studies,lols.
enough of my craps,shall end here!(:
photos will be uploaded soon!hees.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

smth i want to share,if you happened to pass by or read.
found it quite true and meaningful(:

a excerpt frm a book i've read long ago;

"Sometimes we worry about th wrong things and we miss opportunities that are right in front of us.We don't appreciate th moment because we're hung up in th past.That's always a big mistake."

That is like always what happen when i'm caught up worrying th wrong things,
in th end carrying th regret with me as life move on.
which is meaningless actually.
Holding smth that doesn't belong with th time or with me anymore.
life can be so absurd,or shld i say humans?

anyway,that also kinda motivate me not to be depressed everytime-.-
learn to let go things that can't be held on,
& learn to cherish things when they're still there before its gone.
like memories,it will fade over time and humans,we will become old someday.

Monday, January 26, 2009

time files isn't it?
after tmr,schooling day again.
jeez,least shld give us one mre day.
can relax a bit mre.
kinda awkward at gran's hse.
most relatives only see them annually.
hahas,nth to talk about.
at most only a 'HNY!' and 'bye'.
hahas,ridiculous ain't it?
was like playing a game called 'worms 2' th whole time at there-.-
after dinner went to anoth gran's house.
sort of mre ok down there?lols.
anyway, shld cut short this post yea.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

morning woke up with a left swollen eye.
stupid pls,luckily gotten better alr.
but still kinda hurt uhh.
chiong hw also,hahas.
evening went to J8 with parents.
bought nth much.
saw Mr Png at library.
coincidence much?
hahas,didn't see tht side of him in sch though:X
boring mall,nth much to do or see.

just wanna go there and borrow books.
tomorrow reunion dinner.
not looking forward though,sigh.
nvm,shall end here.
thanks for reading!((:
everything just seems not important anymore.
still hav to return to reality anyway.
everything die someday.
what's th use?
just want to stop thinking of everything.

Friday, January 23, 2009

very busy nowadays.
celebration was a blast yet a disappointment i guess.
dunno why either:/
finally cny coming soon,
only looking forward for ang baos((:
others sucks please.
nth much to update yet again.
usual of th usual,couldn't repeat everyday like this.
else it gets even more boring.
think a short post for today too.
no mood to continue.
oh & ...

Do catch InkHeart,seems nicee,though i can't watch it>.<

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesdays are th most hateful days i've to go through.
carrying damn many books.
practically having almost all th subjects in tht day.
don't they know how to plan th timetable?
shit them pls-.-
anyway,many homeworks this few days.
plus getting ready for th cny celebration on fri.
gonna be so embarassed tht day.
cos we have to do th 'gong xi' action to th ppl when singing th song.
so eww,ppl surely laugh their heads off>.<
saw th camp photos cher took,
i seriously look goddamn retarded.
probably if can 'grab' th nicer photos frm someone,hahasXD
choir changed conductor too.
don't really like it?
cos he gave me aura like you-are-gonna-die-if-you-can't-do-it-right.X(
sigh,think given my standards,can say byebye to syf.lols.
jus hope there will still be a chance if can.
God Bless yea(:

Monday, January 19, 2009

super tired today,
don't wish to get outta bed-.-
anwya us th usual stuffs in sch.
nth spetacular happened.
same old, same old.
next mon gonna by cny le.
fast uhh.
bought finished clothes alr,
but intend to buy somemore?
some just can't get my eyes off it.lols.
hahas,gonna become broke anyway:X
hope dad could help me repaint my room.
so ugly please.
hahas,and i had to fork out th $ to buy th paint.
what had this century become?oh goshhh!>.<
oh well~all for th best((:
shall end here,ps for th short post.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

a bad start off with mum in th morning.
see la,jus came back frm camp & she wants to find fault with everything i do.
nevermind,shld forget about it.
went hg mall.
bought cny food etc.
th cappuccino cheese cookie damn delicious.
bittersweet taste(:
was playing pet society till i forgot th time.
so funn,th pet so cute can.
oh ya and also saw 2 dogs which one is bigger than a husky.
damn adorable i tell ya.
mayb one day shld buy a pet too,
if i got th money and ready to takecare of it till old(:
dogs is th truest friend yea:p

pathetic much?
hate it hell lot.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Back from camp!
absolutely had a great time there!
though th sanitaries is not tht good as everything is back to basics.
living life to th simplest.
mostly is wet activities.
love th waterfall trekking though lots of steep slopes.
waterfall is uber cold and th way to there is damn rocky.
but really nicee waterfall;)
then also played No man's land and sherwood.
kinda failed most of them,hahas,s'ok anyway(:
then also hav race against time,water trekking.
kinda injured most parts of my legs.
hahas,funny uhh.
made some new friends;DDD
still hav outdoor cooking,night hike, learning survival skills,raft building etc.
so awesome please!
Lasly th hawt hawt CampFire!!!
saw damn many stars in th sky can!
so pretty((:
like most ppl are damn high can.
many funny things happened la,
can't possibly tell everything here,
cos it will become a super long essay and turn into a storybook.
lovee th trainers & cheers!
th muddy pool also la,lols.
super cold but enjoyed hell lot.

area cleaning was kinda messy?
cos th boys are even timid than girls.
as we're supposed to clean th guys dorms+their toilets.
there's even th guys' underwear can?
disgusting much?ewwww.
they're even messier and bit dirtier than us.
no offence.
them th things th guys threw don't dare to picked up to put into a trash cos there are ants and real dirty.
like so ridiculous please-.-
still,its funny la,rofl:DD
hope next yr camp will be fun too.hahas.
taken some class photos by chers and trainers.
hope will be able to see them and post them up or smth?
hahas,hope can uh.
i miss Saliha man.
li ha, oh li ha.
lols,so cute please.
overall everything went smoothly,it just keep getting better everyday.
gonna miss th camp days.hees.

shall end here ya^^
now i know how it feels to be a *******.
it hurts yea.
mayb things may change as th time goes on.
cos suddenly i don't feel close to them anymore.
sometimes i just wish to hav a camaraderie of real close,true friends.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Last Post.
Least before i leave S'pore,
i get to...

1.Finally finished read ALL Series of TWILGHT SAGA;DDD
2.Finished watching VampireKnightGulity;DDD
Both endings are so superb,Nicee & uber Cool;DD
Especially Twilght Saga((:
Very Satisfied.hahas:X
Hope th next 4 days everything goes well for me uh.
let loose & hav fun then.
Do click on Nuffnang yea!it's a must!hehes.
Gonna make it a short post too.
miss me uh,jkjk>.<>
crossed your fingers for me yea!(:
God Bless Please.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

One & Only.

last 2nd post before camp.
seems like i've been ranting bout camp non-stop since i heard th news.
pardon me uhh.
hahas,oh well~
i'm just gonna let nature takes it course.
jus hope i'll hav fun & 'learn' smth bahx.
since they said its a 'leadership' camp-.-
bought th camps stuffs.
i'm ready physically not mentally yet.
hope will get ready when it comes.
hate it when needa go through th scanning of passports.
arrive or depart.
gonna hav prob down there.
sigh~hope won't though.
not gonna elaborate anyway.
shall ends here for this post.
see yas.

I'd lied,
True or False,
let her/him decide.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Finally saturday came.
it took like years for it to come you know.
slept for quite long today.
which is darn good.
cos i've been worrying a lot th past 5 days.
& stress,hw kept stacking higher up each day.
went to amk central to buy camp stuffs.
watch performance all tht.
crowded i guess.
kinda bored.
long days ahead on mon onwards.
hoping to survive.
wish me luck k.

P.S She's a Bitch & He's a Shit.
note to self:
remind to say 'it's okay' 100 times a day if needed.
& stop sheding those stupid tears for nothing.
it ain't worth it.
gotta control those silly tears from falling out.

Friday, January 09, 2009

a crazy week.
few mre days till i left fer camp.
so not looking forward.
Twilight Saga finally gonna read finish.
Breaking Dawn rocks my socks(:
cca carnival today.
busy tired and really embarrassed.
don't really like th sec 1s.
mostly attitude probs-.-
Thanks Mr Png for treating us drink!
hahas,kinda bhb tht time?:X
gonna hav test next week and th following week.
argh,hoping to run away frm reality.
rather be stuck in my dreams.
Vampires are so cool.
live forever,being young forever,supernatural talents.
what mre could you ask for?
hmms,true love or whatsoever mayb.hahas.
ok,i'm talking bullshits.
but jus to make this post longer.
i know i'm lame,hees.
who cares uh?

i wish i wasn't a human.
not now,mayb not forever either.
what's th use?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

guess i won't be updating next week as there's gonna be camp-.-
which i'll get really dirty and stupidly lonesome.
very stressful these days.
sch kept ending late.
results of chers who nag or whatsoever.
when a person ask 1 question,
he/she will reply in an explanation or short story to get to th ans th person wanted to hear.
how dumb is tht?
you can just save you saliva you know-.-
jus by answering th question.
kept beating around th bush.
so boring can.
everyday is about sch and even mre sch.
almost everytime also end late.
hw and mre hw.
i just want to get outta here.
to Mars or other planet also can(:
i'll be so glad.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

color or colorful Pictures, Images and Photos

quick update.
school days had be so-so for me uh.
today was kinda bad?
cos class ends around 2.30?
practically had 7 subs lessons today.
can you imagine how many damn thick books i've had to carry?
choir,chers test everyone of us.
nervous much.
luckily pass.
cheerup beloved(:
i'm sure you can do better th next time(:
reached home around 7 plus.
chiong homework duhs.
so tired please.
oh & luckily have some good chers in class.
else i'll dread goin to sch everyday facing those boring chers.
still deciding on th camp thing.
should i go?
think i'll update again when i've time.
kinda have few things tht i had not done.
anyway, continue clicking th Nuffnang icon for me if can yea!
i will really thank you alot!lols;DD

Sunday, January 04, 2009

morning went to take th bursary award.
wait kinda long.
bored much?
gonna make it a short post uh.
i'm gonna stop thinking about all those stuffs.
it just make me even more depressed.ugh.
let it be.
sick of everything alr anyway.
God,dunno how many times i've said this.
oh well~

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A venting out post,ignore it yea.

think i'm still pissed off with th whole schooling stuffs.
seriously,i rather be homeschooled.
th camp,
th stress,
th i dunno la.
jus feel so pissed off of everything.
esp camp.
stupid,why must go until malaysia?
why can't hav 2e5 all tgt?
what's thier problem?
uh jeez.
i'm so fed up of everything.
i want to be homeschooled!!!
even if can't go to th camp, still needa go to other camp-.-
think if really no way out of this,
i'm goin then,to malaysia,i guess:/
rather than with other lvl,
not a close or good friend at all.
sheesh,think i'm talking craps anyway.
jus venting out still no use.
still so pissed inside.

why can't i be looking on th bright side?
where's th light?

Friday, January 02, 2009

this is what i'm feeling right now.
i know its kinda lame or smth.
but i seriously don't give a damn uh.
feeling so stupid now.
kinda a bad day for me.
didn't see tht coming.
jus so frustrated.
how stupid can i be?
jus a jackass.
don't feel like goin sch anymore.
class sucks,
environment sucks,
everything sucks.
no offence to humans & th non-living.
ok,being humans sucks too,duh-.-
oh crapppppps!
so sick of life.
so sick of everything.
can i just travel to space or smth and never come back to Earth?
stupid,stupid,stupid peggy.
stress is what i'm gonna get this year.
& mayb loneliness.
it love to follow me around wherever i go.
ugh,jus go away please.shoo.
was hoping this year would be better.
looks like i'm wrong aren't i?
everything i done look,feel stupid.
jus so bloody hell sucks.

Just crush them into pieces,
turn them to dust for me please?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

new year or happy new year Pictures, Images and Photos

2009 is finally here.
not really looking forward to sch tmr.
helping parents spring cleaning today.
hate all th dusts:/lols.

anyway, here's my New Year Resolutions:
1.Loved ones to stay happy,healthy & safe.
2.Get edusave scholarship[$500/$300]
3.Study hard this year.
4.Get Good Results for all exams.[hopefully get mre As.lols]
5.hopefully can be more courageous facing problems.hahas:/
6.try to be cheerful rather than depressed.
um,think tht's all for now.
& hope those wishes at th side can be granted too!((:

shall end here!