Friday, January 16, 2009

Back from camp!
absolutely had a great time there!
though th sanitaries is not tht good as everything is back to basics.
living life to th simplest.
mostly is wet activities.
love th waterfall trekking though lots of steep slopes.
waterfall is uber cold and th way to there is damn rocky.
but really nicee waterfall;)
then also played No man's land and sherwood.
kinda failed most of them,hahas,s'ok anyway(:
then also hav race against time,water trekking.
kinda injured most parts of my legs.
hahas,funny uhh.
made some new friends;DDD
still hav outdoor cooking,night hike, learning survival skills,raft building etc.
so awesome please!
Lasly th hawt hawt CampFire!!!
saw damn many stars in th sky can!
so pretty((:
like most ppl are damn high can.
many funny things happened la,
can't possibly tell everything here,
cos it will become a super long essay and turn into a storybook.
lovee th trainers & cheers!
th muddy pool also la,lols.
super cold but enjoyed hell lot.

area cleaning was kinda messy?
cos th boys are even timid than girls.
as we're supposed to clean th guys dorms+their toilets.
there's even th guys' underwear can?
disgusting much?ewwww.
they're even messier and bit dirtier than us.
no offence.
them th things th guys threw don't dare to picked up to put into a trash cos there are ants and real dirty.
like so ridiculous please-.-
still,its funny la,rofl:DD
hope next yr camp will be fun too.hahas.
taken some class photos by chers and trainers.
hope will be able to see them and post them up or smth?
hahas,hope can uh.
i miss Saliha man.
li ha, oh li ha.
lols,so cute please.
overall everything went smoothly,it just keep getting better everyday.
gonna miss th camp days.hees.

shall end here ya^^
now i know how it feels to be a *******.
it hurts yea.
mayb things may change as th time goes on.
cos suddenly i don't feel close to them anymore.
sometimes i just wish to hav a camaraderie of real close,true friends.

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