Saturday, January 03, 2009

A venting out post,ignore it yea.

think i'm still pissed off with th whole schooling stuffs.
seriously,i rather be homeschooled.
th camp,
th stress,
th i dunno la.
jus feel so pissed off of everything.
esp camp.
stupid,why must go until malaysia?
why can't hav 2e5 all tgt?
what's thier problem?
uh jeez.
i'm so fed up of everything.
i want to be homeschooled!!!
even if can't go to th camp, still needa go to other camp-.-
think if really no way out of this,
i'm goin then,to malaysia,i guess:/
rather than with other lvl,
not a close or good friend at all.
sheesh,think i'm talking craps anyway.
jus venting out still no use.
still so pissed inside.

why can't i be looking on th bright side?
where's th light?

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