Saturday, January 31, 2009

few days since i updated.
been real busy with sch and cca.
seriously killing me slowly.
anyway,Thanks again Darrel for th camp photos!((:
seriously look goddamn retarded and geeky in photos.
sigh~oh well.
so many hw and cca training became 3 times a week,&
1 of them has to be in th weekend.
which is today and dunno how many mre saturdays-.-
jeez,i feel like crying and screaming at th chersX(
later going to aunt's hse bainian.
at first was gonna give it a miss as i'll be bored there>.<

& is a annually tradition as she invited all th families.
so hoping it can be a exception for me.
but too bad i guess,sigh.
then obviously what adults do at there,gamble.
lols,except me,amazingly not gambling with them.
no mood to do play i guess.
so gonna chiong hw at there,else bored to death like other yrs.
i know,i'm a nerd.hahas(:
think i'm gonna lose my voice sooner or later.
singing soprano 1 is really tiring yea.
rather not take part in syf.
sucks,heck caring th points alr luhs.
so hard to get for tht ONLY 2 pts.
though it do matters for minus-ing.
still,rather concentrate on studies,lols.
enough of my craps,shall end here!(:
photos will be uploaded soon!hees.

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