Friday, February 27, 2009

Finally CTs is over.
sadly,next week still hav a bunch of tests-.-
especially ss seq.
God,so gonna flunk it.
chemistry and bio too.
oh well~
choir audition next thurs.
hope all goes well.

in or out,try my best then(:
i'm gonna take it as it comes and leave it as it goes.
missing pet society.though it's kinda lame.heh.
not much to update actually.
hope everything just get it done soon.

Friday, February 20, 2009

last post before i'm off for serious mugging.
many tests this week.
geog and e maths sure flunk.
a maths gotten back,kinda good?:X
1+ mths had gone & i'm still not adapting to this class.
seem so weird,even th noise seem so distant now.
still missing eFivee...but bunch of broken strings now anyway.
hope everything goes well anyway.
hope syf come soon,so finally there'll be a break.
& th audition too,either get in or out of th choir.
hope they could choose it asap luhs.
all this suspense,don't even know could get in or not.
like wasting efforts for nth.
still,life goes on,& life is seriously unfair.
argh,just make it or lose it.either way and it's solved.
oh well~hope could do well in th CTS then.
Wish me luck,God Bless.
take my hand,
& runaway to th place i know.
so sick of this.
when will really be th time
come when i can finally find it?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

busy busy busy.
gonna flunk th tests i took.
panic attack in th mid of doing.
or mayb th start of it.
learn new song for choice piece in choir.
sec 1s jus joined in.
& i hav no confidence in teaching one of them.
argh,common tests next week.
will be on hiatus frm sat till wed.
hav to start mugging.
can't afford to lose behind.
else,th worst case scenario...
shldn't think about it.
nth much to update anyway.
same old routine:/
boring ol' boring.
i wanna emigrate luhs.
this type of life sucks man.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Red is th colour of life.It's blood,passion,rage.
It's menstrual flow and afterbirth.
Beginnings and violent ends.
Th colour of love.Beatings hearts and hungry lips.
Roses,Valentines,Cherries.Th colour of shame.
Crimson cheeks and spilled blood.
Broken hearts,opened veins.
A burning desire to return to white.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!
cross country race ytd.
kinda cool tht gotten to top 150 for upper sec girls.
thought i'm around 200+ or smth.
darn many tests next week.
squeeze everything tgt.
jeez,guess its typical of them anyway.
then it will be common tests.
surely still needa go for cca-.-
hope won't flunk it.
started a new yr off with sick.
hope gets better uh.
everyday seems like a chore.
coughing fits off and on.
smth is wrong.
no idea how to go about it.
truth or lies?
which shld i go for?
everything seems so vague.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

stupid coughs.
made all my days sucks.
seriously can die from th coughing fits.
luckily bit better today.
can't really sing in choir,like wth.
luckily conductor din say anything.
hope voice get better uh.
dunno what's goin on in my brain or mind.
keep thinking of stupid/childish stuffs.
common tests coming also.
gotta buck up.
cross country run at bedok reservoir this fri.
4.8km i think.
sheesh,don't feel like running at all with th coughs.
tests flunk it,suckers man.
all so poorly done la dey.
no time for anything at all.
just study, cca and mre STUDY & CCA.
just stfu cans?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

went to temple in th morning.
then to gran's.
boring much?
sch day again tmr.
weekends seems to pass so fast.
like jus 'lax a few mins,sch day again-.-
many things ran through my mind uh.
reminisce th happy times,thinking bout future.
sigh,remind me not to be a human in th next life.
having coughing fits for few nights.
seriously wanna die uh.
can't take it any longer.
no idea how long can i hold on to this life.
stress just keep stacking higher and higher.
uber idiotic, dumb and stupid.
i want to quit alr.
help please?

Saturday, February 07, 2009

really stuck,
not sure what to write.
choir was ok.
goin to gran's later.
so bored.
hw not sure what to do.
voice kinda lost again.
after th singin'.
think i'm holding to nothing nowadays.
aimless goal ahead.
no idea what to do next.
like a robot being programmed to study then to start career.
then married and blah blah blah.
no excitement.
no feelings of happiness.
rather be in my lala-landd.
emotion breakdown.
mental breakdown.
everything seems so near,
yet so far from being touch.
shall end here.
i shldn't use force.
who th hell am i?
best to just keep slient.
note to self :just keep your mouth shut.
& stop blabbering everytime.
disrupting everything.

Friday, February 06, 2009

hectic week.
think everyday week will be like this.
hw,test,hw,test and then,
hw & tests again!
shit it puhlease.
almost lost my voice ytd.
kinda cool?lols.
cos didn't lost my voice before.
everyday th same old routine.
so missed eFIVE.
hope tmr could sing a little at choir.
God Bless.
short post for today.

i really dunno what to think.
but its all my fault i guess.
i really don't deserve what you guys all did for me.
cos i never like really appreciate it.
jus a useless dumbass if you wanna know.
or jackass.anything tht ends with ass.
or bitch.whatever.
sometimes feel hurt,sometimes don't.
a cycle of emotions.
everything just turn against me.
took me for a fool i guess.
cos i'm really a fool.
a great big fool,cos i just figure it out.
what a idiot i'm.
craps and mre craps.
not even a h2ht with anyone sincerely before.
it jus shows tht i don't really have anyone i know.
to lean on when problems,troubles rises.
stupid yea?
loss for words alright.
everyone happy now?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

having sore throat for th last 2 days.
don't feel like talking.
went to see doc after sch today.
gotten back a maths test few days ago.
which i've done like shit in th class.
argh,don't make me hate maths>.<
super boringgg at sch.
least hav 1 gd news,
which is cca time is much shorter in th weekdays.
after all our 'complains'.
lols.many tests ahead.
no time to even go shopping.
seriously feel like a robot.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

okay,ytd wasn't really bad,but spent like 4hour or so doing hw.
hahas.anyway,uploaded some of th activities and scenery at th camp.
not posting all as there's like so damn many photos.lols.

Finally,hav a decent post since dunno when.
& not a very picture-less post.hahas.
fell like changing url again...
what shld i change to?heh.