Saturday, September 29, 2012

Carefree Times

Wow, it is almost end of September, only 3 more weeks of holidays left...between my work, play and me-time seems to be quite balance though already having some mix feelings about the work I'm doing. Sigh. Luckily its gonna end soon.

Note to self: Please find an easier job to do next vacation, less hassle the better.

Anyway so meet up with YX to do our Bestie book which we had been thinking for a long time now, finally decided to print the best photos and make them into a keepsake for future, something we can always look back on anytime and reminisce. Hehes.
Super love YX's book cover!
Here's mine, not yet finished.
But time was not on our side so only done halfway through, it was fun though thinking to all those good times spent together, visiting my house^^

Friday with the usual, truly sorry for spoiling the plans supposedly to cycle but clumsy and forgetful me left my IC at workplace and time sheet not signed had to go Vivo again. At least IC managed to retrieved back if not mum gonna make a fuss about it,phew.

Had our lunch at Secret recipe, all of us ordered grilled chicken but with different sauces namely black pepper, mushroom and BBQ. Quite tasty, pretty much normal kind of food. Hahas.

Took a stroll along the broadwalk, love the scenery with the sky and glittery sea!

This SY, gotta take care of herself, please get better soon alright!(:

Find this candid really natural, you don't see this everyday,lol.
Photo-bombing with my hands,oops:x

Times like this always feel I'm not alone, there are still people who gets me and accept me. For that I'm really thankful.

Side note to self,

You know, in life there's gonna be so many people you will interact and meet but only some will stay by your side throughout regardless what happens and really you gotta treasure them. Doesn't matter you got more or less. Sometimes I thought maybe when these people are gone, its okay, I can be independent, just survive on my own till the end but if one day I did push them all away, will they grow tired of trying and really just step out of my life? What I'll left will only be isolation. Is that really better than companionship?

Sure, there's less things to think about but I think it will drive me nuts. So maybe it is okay to receive help, want some company occasionally just don't go overboard of taking them for granted and rely heavily on them. They are humans too, we feel, we get hurt, we get frustrated. Just have to keep in mind ultimately it's you yourself that has to walk the path alone till your time is up. Here, right now.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where We Smile & Laugh

Just yesterday, we went to Nex for lunch, the restaurant called Men-ichi Japanese Ramen (Found at Shokutsu 10) at Level B1. Food was really good especially with some condiments like the salty/sweet veggies and some crumbs thingy,hahas;)

Such a sad thing Helina had to go off first:( Hopefully more outings to come!^^

Decided to snap tons of photos since we've nothing to do and chit chat at the empty space...

Tried different actions/poses just gonna put some up,some were really funny,hehes.

Thank you to YX for the pretty rings for all of us!:D

Spent our day eating while chatting, just typical us. Heh.

Have a great week!^^

Monday, September 17, 2012

Get to Know Me~

Hello! Last week was kinda mundane but it was a start for my job. Went for training with 3 other girls, they are simply pretty and it was nice meeting them!^^
Learnt quite a lot about skincare products and cosmetics essentials so definitely worth it to get this job and learn something new, hehes. But think being a temporarily worker would do, very lazy put on thick makeup to work,heh>.<

Weekends spent at ION, and just realised so many interesting things could happen near the mrt entrance,heh as I was giving out flyers there.
Here's what happened to me and my observations:
  • People asking me for directions which I failed miserably but I did direct them to the concierge(:
  • At  5.30pm, there will be another entrance open for people to enter the mrt station.
  • Families with a bigger size pram will get to go through the gate at the side.
  • Most time people stuck at the scanning, could not exit which caused human jams for a short while.
  • People from different countries/tourists,duh.Lol.
Saw a lot of girls all generally have pretty cool fashion sense and carrying tons of shopping bags, envy much. Maybe someday when I become taitai I could splurge on everything I like.Lol, most unlikely to happen but one can dream no?(:

Since I really have nothing to update for the past week, shall do a 10 facts about me. If interested then read on,hahas.

  1. I love pastel colours, especially teal/turquoise currently.
  2. An extreme introvert if you haven't notice, unless I'm really comfortable around someone...well that's another story.
  3. Majority of my friends are girls.
  4. I'll get nervous talking to/meeting  new people. Expect lots of silence and mumblings and stuttering.
  5. I could take on hard work.
  6. I love acoustic music, current fave is The Incarus Account!Go listen!
  7. I do not like to burden people with my problems/borrow $ from people. Unless its super major or something.
  8. Procrastinator in terms of delaying my chores to do. Hehes.
  9. I love collecting nail polishes of different colours and types(shimmers, neon, glitters,matte)!
  10. I stalk blogs from popular to interesting kinds. Heh.
Extra: Ultimate fave idol has to be Kim Hyun Joong!!!:D

Okay, just a short post for now but I'm gonna do a DIY post real soon, almost finishing with my work(:

Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Little Things-Shiseido Workshop, Picnic, ICC Event!

Spend my Monday in school for Shiseido workshop on skincare and make-up. Helpful information was given like types of skin type should use what type of products, the amount to put on face, how to apply the product in the correct way. Make-up tips were given too!^^ 

We were given the door gifts, tried the mattiyfing moisturizer for the past few days, smell insanely nice, like expensive elegant feel,lol. Best for oily skin cos its oil-free etc!My face actually became less dry and supple so moisturizing is actually very important for the skin, regardless the skin type you have, do provide moisture to your skin!(:

Went out with mom for some shopping for work related stuff and DIY things, heart pain please cos of the amount of money spend T.T Also with the fact that I could bought it at a cheaper price,sigh. Anyway it was fun and still able to use the stuff quite frequently so yeah.

Picnic at Sentosa with the girlies!~ I think it was the very first time it was successful cos all the time we all brought tons of chips, but yesterday there was hotdogs, sandwiches, fruits, drinks and chips!Yummy max~

Sadly we only played awhile with the beach ball before it started raining:( And unable to catch Songs of the Sea becos of the weather,ugh was so looking forward to that. Hopefully there will be a next time!
SY's homemade lychee agar agar(jelly)!

Trying to blow the beach ball~

Went to have a light dinner/supper at Coffee Club thereafter, ordered hot chocolate, Curry Seafood Pizza and Gooey Chocolate Monkey Tart. Food tasted heavenly, bursting flavour of the pizza filled my mouth, dessert was hot and cold merge together, really a must try!^^ 

Started playing with the camera applications on their phones,hehes! Quality was meh though,heh.

Photo credits to YX and SY!(:

Painted my nails galaxy!Woo, been thinking what I should do and in the end came to this. Happy!
Bought some stuffs from Qoo10 (Gmarket), can't wait to try and use them!

As for today went for a International Coastal Clean-Up(ICC) Event at Tanah Merah. Whoa, the whole stretch of the beach was seriously dirty and infested with flies and red ants everywhere. Done our best to clean up as much as we can but really forever can't clean finish becos of so many Styrofoam everywhere. most trash were stuck inside the trees' roots. Some of the weird things found was an old TV and a long draining pipe,hahas. Wonder how they got to the beach.

So really hope everyone could do their part not to litter at any beach and recycle!Feel so sorry for the environment...

This week went by rather fast, good times spent though!^^

Have a nice week!