Saturday, April 12, 2014


Attended the SIP Presentation Ceremony for 15 minutes during March. ^^

Stranger's Reunion with my girls few weeks back, I love their truffle fries and waffle!Nomnomnom.

Finally caught up with my lovelies too, dinner at TCC, their pasta is good! Celebrated Hel & YX birthdays and took many photos as usual~ So proud of us for figured out that the torchlight from phone can make very nice lighting in the dark to take photos, hahahs!

Hoho, so I won movie tickets again just in time to share it with my anime fanatics friends. However movie was disappointing, no climax or anything:/ Or maybe expected something big to happened but I just missed seeing it. Hahas. Anyway managed to catch up their lives which was good. Hehes, thank you for the lovely time(:

Finishing the "extra" lessons I'm taking soon, finally can some breather and gotta start my job search again. Why is it so difficult to find a good working environment?

Pretty nervous over university applications, waiting for the results is the worse feeling ever and constantly worrying what I should do next if the worst case scenario happened. But its not the end of the world just the matter of time, money and interest. Still. Ugh.

Kinda late to watch the Master's Sun K-drama but dayum, so totally into the storyline and So Ji Sub look pretty good in it!! heh heh. Hands down one of my fave drama to re-watch again.

So much to catch up on the shows I wanna watch, organizing my room, the tons of papers from school I need to clear and complexion. Staying up late all these weeks does not help at all. Sigh.

Shall end here, update this space again soon! (;