Monday, August 31, 2009

I would lovee to try tht some day(Pic above).(:
Sports Fiesta cum Teacher's Day celebration today.
was feeling very tired th moment i woke up.

walk around,ate,space out.
class didn't win but oh well,everyone tried their best(:
Celebration was a total bore,technical problems here and there,
waste my time.

lovee th class tee,mre nicer this time.heh/.
reached home around 3pm,damn late and hungry.
ate lunch,went to
Fats siol,sigh.
given th conditions of my ankle,predicting it won't heal anytime faster.
with th constant walking /standing,wthwthWTH!!!
can't even manage a jump or walk mre faster or going down th freaking stairs or alight from th bus.
dampen my mood.argh.
also having th freaking _____.
pissed off.
luckily tmr no sch(:
3 mre schooling days till hols~!((:

Friday, August 28, 2009

After so many days,feet seems to improve a lil bit.
still swollen and pain when press on some parts of th feet.
gotten back th results for Cts.
ss did th most badly.gotta buck up hard for it.
definitely must do well for EOY exams.
been taking lifts in scho this few days to go up or down.
quite fun,hahas.
oh yeah,Thanks many to th ppl who is concern bout my feet(:
appreciated uh!
sports fiesta on mon=no school=no books!(:
hope th sprained part will heal soon,i wanna hav fun with th ppl.
God bless pretty please?
shall end here(:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

feeling pain everywhere.
legs ache,stomachache,feet ache,muscles ache.
feel like i'm going to tear apart.
argh.hav to see th feet doc again tmr.
ytd went there,gave my pills to eat,bandage my feet and massage it.
seriously pain,till my tears came out,hands crutching th towel like my life depend on it.
never am i gonna sprain my feet again.
seriously sucks being injured.
hav to walk slowly,can't exert myself.
feeling so lazy,gave up doing a maths.
was cooped up in home,sorry mummy)':
sigh,wish all  th aches just disappear right now.
really effing pain,can't stand it.
still,my fault for getting myself into this.
so useless,feel like i'm relying on everyone.
sooooooooooo not good at all.
please get better,muscles,stomach,feet,mind,heart,soul...
really,how long does this hav to go on?
how can i keep hanging on?...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

ytd was like shit.
kinda failed napfa,had to retake all over again.
in th end,sprained my ankle.
wth.swollen sia.

can feel th pain even though not walking either.
sigh,hope it can recover soon.
no hope for napfa,just failed it.
rush of emotions came,ended up...
but many thanks to Mr Tan aye(:
common tests results so far quite good,ss,a & e maths still hav no idea yet.
next week then will know.
hope can pass~
less than 2 months EOY exams.
really hav to buck up and get motivation.
dun wanna get silly mistakes again.
get promoted and finally can graduate frm this sch.
though there was many good memories made there,still...
bless my ankle get better please)':

Monday, August 17, 2009

Photos are up,seriously smth wrong with blogger.
th codes are like so messed up.
should i changed to OnSugar?
seen many ppl changed to onsugar becos of this problem.
hahas,oh well.
gotten back bio ct,was ok i guess,science teachers are really weird.
probably getting back th other subs tmr.
hope can pass.
*praying hard*
cca tmr,what a boree,so tired.
surprisingly today slept for th rest of th afternoon till 6 plus.
miracle sia,must be really tired.
was gonna dozed off at th last few periods in sch.
sigh,hols coming soon,then its EOY exams.
hav to buck up hard.
aiming for scholarship,hav to.
hope could maintain.
shall end here.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Had fun today.
CIP at rivervale,had fun collecting newspapers.
th ppl were generous(:
funny incidents happened.damn funny.
took a lot of photos.
shall update tmr.
still grasping th skill of tying th newspapers.
after tht went out with B.
amk hub to hav our lunch->Sci Centre Shop->ION Orchard._>Home:D
th astronaut ice-crem was really cool,dried-freeze made for space(:
Dino was big and cool.
chatted,gossiped a lil,laughs,camwhored.
shall post some photos too.
really like th washroom there,damn exquisite.
went to see art gallery too,Sephora,MiuMiu,Th Wrights..
lovee th perfume we tested,smell so fruity,hee.
obsessed over long legs,laughs.
really had fun.9 plus reached home,first time,cool.
should enjoy some nightlife once,must be nicee.
just saw th freaking ad friends talked about.
seriously c903 damn pretty!I want!)':
red is like so glam,nicenice.
shall end here,upload photos tmr,tired aye.
Good Night all!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Yayness!CTs is so over(:
but still depressed over tht i didn't complete e maths & chem questions.
so many marks gone...sigh)':
have to think and write faster next time.
definitely  made many stupid  mistakes in all subs.
hope won't fail,even just pass borderline will really be contented.
*cross fingers*
doing CIP tmr,hope it will be fun?
though it takes up my sleeping time and free time,heh.
after tht will be meeting B for some exploring & 'shopping' at malls.
looking forward!(:
still hav hwk to be done,boringggg!
push it till later anyway,right now is to take break from studies.
weets!shall end here!^^

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy National Day!Though its kinda late?
heh,ah well,better than never.
was busy studying th past 2 days,though in between still have long breaks:X
able to revise all subjects.
but not sure of some topics.
still,least i had revise them,which is a good start.
else not sure if i'll have th time to start at th last min.
saw fireworks at Gran's hse ytd,nicee(:
on hiatus till fri or sat perhaps?
gotta mugged like hard for th Common Tests(:
wish me luck.
hope can score well for every subs.
last post and will be back soon,heh.
God Bless.

Friday, August 07, 2009

End of rehearsals,performed today.
thought its was nerve-wrecking,
we won 3rd i think?:X
least efforts were not wasted.
good job to th ppl yea(:

gonna do some hardcore mugging this few days.
don't want to make silly mistakes again.
wonder how to survived with all books,
definitely can't lose my concentration.

nothing much to bored.
want many things right now.
clothes,new hp, new spec,try lens too,stop th acne,funn...
want get everything over and done with.
ah craps.sianx.what a boring life i 've.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Finally end of tests for this week.
CTs next week though.
oh well~gonna mug like madddd then!;)
went for th audition with th other ppl for th ND celebration.
we are OMG.
i don't believe it,i'm like so nervous just now,performing with th others.
this is like so freaking unbelievable.
now hav to face th whole school.
oh God,is it a good or bad thing?
i swear i will be even mre nervous then.
oh my,really am stunned.i'm speechless.
hahas,or maybe not,leave it for tmr then worry.
finally can catch a breath,i'm gonna catch all,lols.
hope CTs is over soon,i want play, me want funnn!
gonna sing my ppl my home too,same thing again.
creative no?heh.
shall end here(:

Sunday, August 02, 2009

been long since i updated.
blogger still not fixed,no idea why.
but manage to post a post with pic through smth else...
lt's late now..tmr still hav bio test.
hope i don't flunk it,atrium,ventricles,stoma etc.
God Bless(:
went to orchard with parents.
got tempted by th clothes but ex.
next time then.
went to amk hub aftermath.
nth much.
next week common tests,still didn't do anything yet.
was saying tht from last week till now i think?
argh,i need motivation!!!
till here then,moodless to go on,yawn.