Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Finally end of tests for this week.
CTs next week though.
oh well~gonna mug like madddd then!;)
went for th audition with th other ppl for th ND celebration.
we are OMG.
i don't believe it,i'm like so nervous just now,performing with th others.
this is like so freaking unbelievable.
now hav to face th whole school.
oh God,is it a good or bad thing?
i swear i will be even mre nervous then.
oh my,really am stunned.i'm speechless.
hahas,or maybe not,leave it for tmr then worry.
finally can catch a breath,i'm gonna catch all,lols.
hope CTs is over soon,i want play, me want funnn!
gonna sing my ppl my home too,same thing again.
creative no?heh.
shall end here(:

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