Saturday, August 22, 2009

ytd was like shit.
kinda failed napfa,had to retake all over again.
in th end,sprained my ankle.
wth.swollen sia.

can feel th pain even though not walking either.
sigh,hope it can recover soon.
no hope for napfa,just failed it.
rush of emotions came,ended up...
but many thanks to Mr Tan aye(:
common tests results so far quite good,ss,a & e maths still hav no idea yet.
next week then will know.
hope can pass~
less than 2 months EOY exams.
really hav to buck up and get motivation.
dun wanna get silly mistakes again.
get promoted and finally can graduate frm this sch.
though there was many good memories made there,still...
bless my ankle get better please)':

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