Sunday, August 23, 2009

feeling pain everywhere.
legs ache,stomachache,feet ache,muscles ache.
feel like i'm going to tear apart.
argh.hav to see th feet doc again tmr.
ytd went there,gave my pills to eat,bandage my feet and massage it.
seriously pain,till my tears came out,hands crutching th towel like my life depend on it.
never am i gonna sprain my feet again.
seriously sucks being injured.
hav to walk slowly,can't exert myself.
feeling so lazy,gave up doing a maths.
was cooped up in home,sorry mummy)':
sigh,wish all  th aches just disappear right now.
really effing pain,can't stand it.
still,my fault for getting myself into this.
so useless,feel like i'm relying on everyone.
sooooooooooo not good at all.
please get better,muscles,stomach,feet,mind,heart,soul...
really,how long does this hav to go on?
how can i keep hanging on?...

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