Monday, August 31, 2009

I would lovee to try tht some day(Pic above).(:
Sports Fiesta cum Teacher's Day celebration today.
was feeling very tired th moment i woke up.

walk around,ate,space out.
class didn't win but oh well,everyone tried their best(:
Celebration was a total bore,technical problems here and there,
waste my time.

lovee th class tee,mre nicer this time.heh/.
reached home around 3pm,damn late and hungry.
ate lunch,went to
Fats siol,sigh.
given th conditions of my ankle,predicting it won't heal anytime faster.
with th constant walking /standing,wthwthWTH!!!
can't even manage a jump or walk mre faster or going down th freaking stairs or alight from th bus.
dampen my mood.argh.
also having th freaking _____.
pissed off.
luckily tmr no sch(:
3 mre schooling days till hols~!((:

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