Sunday, March 29, 2009

shit, shit, shit.
totally forgotten A maths test tmr.
till kelly's msg reminded me.
mon-wed :Tests!!!X/
freaking irritated by maths.
am dumbstruck by maths alr.
feeling sort of crazy recently,many things went through my mind.
is like really crazy crazy.not th happy type of crazy.
especially those negative stuffs.
like gonna hav a mental+nervous breakdown.
oh God,someone help?!
too stress, too stress.
brain overloaded with everything.
breathing in many oxygen...breathe out*.
okay,gotta stay calm.

have to buck up.
all for future's sake.
Peggy will work harder.Gambette.
just gonna forget everything now~
just watched finished Clannad,very nice ending((:
th idol drama also,ToGetHer,nicee too.
looking forward to th next episode.
think nth much to write anymore.
just venting out th freaking stress.
still not used to it AT ALL.
3rd mth of th yr alr!
oh shitty shit.

P.S Sorry for th shitting stuffs:/too stress!

Friday, March 27, 2009

been long since i update.
having a SS project,which is quite difficult.
cos we needa present and teach.
flunking A Maths tests too.
choir been quite tiring.
all for syf's sake,*cheering myself up*.
anyway,heard from chers tht tmr is th 60 Earth Hour.
where everyone are encouraged to switch off lights,
anything to do with electricity at 8.30pm to 9.30pm.
to consume energy,saving Earth.

Do it too if you can:DD
so cool(:
gonna spend weekends studying for next week tests again.
there's like no weekends that is free from hwk for me.
ah shucks,so stupid can.
and no idea what's up with com,
can't view blogs at all,my God)':
all th Google's cookie fault.hmph.
ugh,forget it.
join th contribution yea,way awesome.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


another sch day again tmr.
guess term 2 would be even more busy as MYE is coming.
tmr still have a maths test.
anyway,saw a rainbow ytd near hg mall.
so nicee!
then while taking bus to compass saw th lightning.
way cool,kinda reddish pink.
gotta buck up even mre for MYE.
sigh,tiring sey.
last yr in th last express class was better,
ain't so much stress cos everyone are just still bit slack.
no offence uh.
chers also didn't really expect a lot from us.
way better than now.
oh well~face it.
life always has its ups and downs.
syf also coming,hope really can get a good award.
then it will finally be break for us.
hope th efforts won't be wasted.
signing off/.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

finally virus problem solve.
went to reg th ic thingy to day.
finish quite fast.
choir trainings was alright.
kinda fun actually:/
going back to sch on mon again.
sian,ah wells~
tmr goin out with dearest mommy.
catch a movie or smth,been long since i caught one.
last movie watched was Twilight:X
still,storyline quite nicee uhh.
almost done with hols homework.

probably leaving some ques blank anyway.
shall end here/.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

com gotten virus,
hope can solve th prob soon.
tmr onwards gonna have intensive training for choir.
hope can survive th 6h for th rest 3 days.
ptm went ok last fri.
kinda awkward actually.
luckily Gran and nephew discharged from hospital.
hope they recovered soon anyway.

nth to much to update anyway.
making IC on thurs.
photo looked so ugly,oh well~
couldn't care less.
tons of hols homework.
hope to complete it asap.
don't even have th mood to carry on.
shall end here/.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

another day,another history.
feel like dropping out of th...
sigh,everything seem so tedious now.
boring, boring, boring.
anyone interested in clothes?
i want to sell mine off.
which are new ones.
doubt anyone would want it.
forget it.
what is a classroom with out a cupboard/cabinet.
so pissed can,let us put our files also can't.
wth is wrong with them?
pri skool also can luhs,besides now taking 7 sub sia.
damn it.didn't think about our health at all.
how would you feel in our shoes?
carrying heavy books,sitting and getting out of a packed bus ?
March holidays round th corner.
having fun or intensive singing or study for th 7 days?
its obvious isn't it.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

coincidence much?
Grandma and cousin are hospitalized.
least Gran is kinda better.
went to visit her not too long ago.
cousin think got into a car accident.
hope both of them will recovered soon.
God bless.
gotten flu now.
ugh,tired sey.
sch again tmr.
everything just pass on fast.
people change in a blink of an eye.
earth's still revolving though.
time don't wait for anyone either.
people grow old.
suddenly think tht life is sort of fragile.
just one hard blow on any part of th body,
it will be hard to recovered.
probably in th mind,repeating th scene over and over again.
sigh,so much for contentment.
will cut this short,goodbye/.

Friday, March 06, 2009

gotten sick again.
friggin' wth.
seem tht i gotten in for syf though th audition kinda sucks.
think i'm th left-with-no-choice types.
its like i hardly succeed for God's sake.
but cos th min no. of ppl to get into th syf is 24 or 25+.
and s2 only had pathetically 3 ppl who almost pass with bit of leniency.
so had to take 10 mre ppl out from th failed ones.
furthermore,can it get any worse tht we're performing on th last day of syf?
seriously how do they choose th slot till th last day?!
judges will be utterly tired alr la.who would want to listen?
singing th same songs they had listened for so many days.
sigh.forget it.Don't meant to be pessimistic and all.
cos i think they're like facts.
& finally knew all CTs papers marks.
sadly and stressfully,i'm like among th few last in th class?
what are they?
majority like so freaking geniuses tht they can get full marks for all CTs luhs.
stupid can,why did i land myself in sucha uber hot soup?
felt so...hard to get on.
& everything i'm doing seem so tedious and hard.
sooner or later brain gonna crashed.
okay..,think i exaggerated a bit.
but possibility of happening is kinda high.
really am clueless what type of life i'm living now.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

back for update again.
sch holiday coming soon.
had audition for th white horses ytd.
so shocked can,thot would be tmr.
only 3 manage to get in out of th 18-.-
still hav one mre round of th audition for th final selection i think.
cos 3 is just too little.lols.
sch holiday coming soon.
surely gonna be packed with cca and homework.
kinda fun during today's CD lesson.
hahas.many laughter.
nth much happened anyway...
so shall end th post till here yea.
why bother asking
if you aren't interested
and just laugh it off?
what do you think i'm anyway?
all i want is just...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

my fringe/bangs or whatever you called it is uber ugly now.
am alr nerd enough,now even mre nerdy puh-lease.
oh well~guess there really is nerd gene in me,can't help it.
anyway,2009 a leap yr,march alr.
2 mths went on fast yea.
feels like i'm withdrawing myself frm ppl most days.
no idea why,kinda like to be invisible in front of everyone now.
yet,human being is visible,so not much help at all.
sort of heck caring much things that is going on around me.
mix feelings of nothingness.
what do i i live for anyway?
& i really don't understand why some ppl just like to suck up to their boss.
pretty much those typical stereotypes.
jeez,get a life yea & bootlicking doesn't help you at all.
oh yea saw a funny guy in bus,acting way friendly to an old lady.
plus calling a nurse he know 'dear dear'.
wish i was as much funny like him at some times in point of life.
probably like now perhaps.
a really upside down life i'm living in.
ah well,gonna sleep now.
Nighty nite.Yawns.

sometimes i think,
no matter what i do is useless.
cos nobody seems to understand.
probably because i 'm nobody at all.
perhaps is just really typical of th way things work now.