Friday, March 06, 2009

gotten sick again.
friggin' wth.
seem tht i gotten in for syf though th audition kinda sucks.
think i'm th left-with-no-choice types.
its like i hardly succeed for God's sake.
but cos th min no. of ppl to get into th syf is 24 or 25+.
and s2 only had pathetically 3 ppl who almost pass with bit of leniency.
so had to take 10 mre ppl out from th failed ones.
furthermore,can it get any worse tht we're performing on th last day of syf?
seriously how do they choose th slot till th last day?!
judges will be utterly tired alr la.who would want to listen?
singing th same songs they had listened for so many days.
sigh.forget it.Don't meant to be pessimistic and all.
cos i think they're like facts.
& finally knew all CTs papers marks.
sadly and stressfully,i'm like among th few last in th class?
what are they?
majority like so freaking geniuses tht they can get full marks for all CTs luhs.
stupid can,why did i land myself in sucha uber hot soup?
felt so...hard to get on.
& everything i'm doing seem so tedious and hard.
sooner or later brain gonna crashed.
okay..,think i exaggerated a bit.
but possibility of happening is kinda high.
really am clueless what type of life i'm living now.

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