Sunday, March 01, 2009

my fringe/bangs or whatever you called it is uber ugly now.
am alr nerd enough,now even mre nerdy puh-lease.
oh well~guess there really is nerd gene in me,can't help it.
anyway,2009 a leap yr,march alr.
2 mths went on fast yea.
feels like i'm withdrawing myself frm ppl most days.
no idea why,kinda like to be invisible in front of everyone now.
yet,human being is visible,so not much help at all.
sort of heck caring much things that is going on around me.
mix feelings of nothingness.
what do i i live for anyway?
& i really don't understand why some ppl just like to suck up to their boss.
pretty much those typical stereotypes.
jeez,get a life yea & bootlicking doesn't help you at all.
oh yea saw a funny guy in bus,acting way friendly to an old lady.
plus calling a nurse he know 'dear dear'.
wish i was as much funny like him at some times in point of life.
probably like now perhaps.
a really upside down life i'm living in.
ah well,gonna sleep now.
Nighty nite.Yawns.

sometimes i think,
no matter what i do is useless.
cos nobody seems to understand.
probably because i 'm nobody at all.
perhaps is just really typical of th way things work now.

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