Sunday, March 22, 2009


another sch day again tmr.
guess term 2 would be even more busy as MYE is coming.
tmr still have a maths test.
anyway,saw a rainbow ytd near hg mall.
so nicee!
then while taking bus to compass saw th lightning.
way cool,kinda reddish pink.
gotta buck up even mre for MYE.
sigh,tiring sey.
last yr in th last express class was better,
ain't so much stress cos everyone are just still bit slack.
no offence uh.
chers also didn't really expect a lot from us.
way better than now.
oh well~face it.
life always has its ups and downs.
syf also coming,hope really can get a good award.
then it will finally be break for us.
hope th efforts won't be wasted.
signing off/.

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