Friday, October 30, 2009

Last day of sch todayyy.
collected results,& really surprised i could get th scholarship((:
Gratz to B and Kel too,you're in th range of getting too!(:
clean some stuffs in classroom.
DeepaRaya concert in th morning,kinda wanted to sleep.
cos of...
gonna go back to sch fer extra lessons th next 2 weeks.
hope could buck up and follow through th lessons.
tmr gonna go library borrowed books,yayness!

started a bit on hols hwk,still have a long way to goooooo.
oh well~
nth much to update...
so i shall end here!(:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Went to Marina Barrage again today.
was kinda enjoyable cos some ppl really made me laugh.
quite unorganized but overall was still pretty cool.
was sunny and bright too.
waited fer th bus back to sch quite long.
played some game while waiting.
cca after tht,was kinda funny and solemn,heh.
luckily last day alr!
oh & A BIG THANK YOU TO KELLY YEO fer today!
owe you one!hee(:
Last day of sch tmr.
pretty soon, next yr gonna come.
so not looking forward to it.
think really gonna play hard while i can before next yr Big O.
shall end here!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seems like didn't update for quite some time.
went to Marina Barrage ytd,helping out with th maths trial tmr.
kinda nicee,but was separated with friends.
& each station is I/C by 2 ppl.
Together with another friend,we take care of one station.
& is freaking warm la,out in th hot sun.wth.
oh well~hope it goes well tmr.
cca end this week for ppl not going to genting.
gonna have a Choir tee soon,which cost 20 bucks.
sigh,really broke right now.
next week gonna hav many extra lessons.
now, alr have like tons of hwk?
gonna start working at it later.
no matter what,really have to rmb, its for future sake.
O lvl sake,gotta move on,buck up,work harder.
last lap to run before breaking into a good fat rest.
Hope everything will just go right.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Scze Yin!
Lee Min Ho came to SG today.
& i can't freaking see him.
sigh,mayb next time.
went to do CIP, performed for th elders.
kinda awkward & embarrassed.
during th charity dinner at rivervale cresent there.
kinda bored and kinda enjoyed it.
no idea why.
seeing so many elders,really felt heartbroken for them.
think most of them are being so-called abandoned by their children.
seriously,its them who brought them up and this is how they repaid them.
gotten free dinner too,hahas.
really bloated right now.
1 mre week of school its hols!
woohoo!really hope next yr would not come.
just too bad...time don't stop at all.
oh well,shall end here~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gotten back results today.
was kinda unexpected,in a average way.
not really good & not really bad.
but still kinda disappointed for some subs.
sigh,really gotta buck up.
next yr,really gonna work harder.
for future sake.
went to sci centre today,kinda fun.
th omni-theatre made me dizzy.
like a sphere,all rounded.
then there was balloons experiments and walk around.
cca starts tmr,hope it turn out well.
shall end here...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ytd went out with BKS.
white sands>bugis>home.
really seem like crazy ppl in th mrt.
laughed like no one business.
saw hui yi at bugis too(:
walk around buy some stuffs and went home.
enjoyable day(:

went Hg mall today.
borrowed books,walk around,blah blah blah.
tmr is THE day,is like oh wth.
really don't wanna face my results.
really really hope able to pass.
don't wanna feel disappointed.
but...sigh.hope for th best.
keeping my fingers crossed.
God Bless please!)':

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yay!Exams are so over!(:
4 days of hols ahead!woots!
still,didn't do very well for all th subs.
left craps on my answers,sigh.
think if i'm able to pass all,will be grateful alr.
disappointed uhh,some study fer so hard yet didn't come out.
brain just went mental block on me.
sheesh.shldn't dwell on it.
its a fact anyway.
just hope really could pass)':
was reading books about Vampires again.
so uber nice!so so nice.
hav to make a trip to library again soon,asap.
heh.nothing much to update though...
time just passed fast.
going to sci centre too,weets!(:

hav to face th music sooner or later.
argh....shall end here~