Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seems like didn't update for quite some time.
went to Marina Barrage ytd,helping out with th maths trial tmr.
kinda nicee,but was separated with friends.
& each station is I/C by 2 ppl.
Together with another friend,we take care of one station.
& is freaking warm la,out in th hot sun.wth.
oh well~hope it goes well tmr.
cca end this week for ppl not going to genting.
gonna have a Choir tee soon,which cost 20 bucks.
sigh,really broke right now.
next week gonna hav many extra lessons.
now, alr have like tons of hwk?
gonna start working at it later.
no matter what,really have to rmb, its for future sake.
O lvl sake,gotta move on,buck up,work harder.
last lap to run before breaking into a good fat rest.
Hope everything will just go right.

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