Friday, January 31, 2014

Busiest January

Hello Hello! This a really back dated post due to my hectic school schedules but January had been good to me despite the tests and projects submissions cos quite a lot of memories had been made since its my last and final semester of study in poly. It was pretty fun and stressful at the same time hahas.

Here's a photo from the last Christmas exchange I didn't managed to put up, thanks Hel/YX for the photo, sorry cannot remember it was from who! Heh heh.

We found time to have dinner together at Ice Edge Cafe, which I did not know its was a popular cafe among local celebrities and youths >.< But, the main dishes was just average, I think they are more well known for the ice-cream flavours.

Then I went for a make-up workshop with colleagues, taught us about skincare and corporate make-up look. It was interesting in terms of the eye cream I used was surprisingly effective but too expensive to buy. Make-up was a fail to me cos my eyebrows were drawn very thick and I seriously look weird with blusher.

Here's some photos anyway, bahahahs. XD

Please excuse my buck teeth. Honestly wanna do braces/invisalign. Sigh.

Since we were early for lecture, decided to take some selfies, hehes!

In the midst of revising for test, we de-stress by taking selfies again in the library. Good times.

A very happy day out with my girls to celebrate Sarah's Birthday at Nando's. Jumbo platter for 5 of us...extremely full and tasty. Managed to clear everything though! ^^

As keepsake.

First time taking photos with a polaroid, obvious find it super cool and there's one for me to keep! Hehes, am a happy girl! Thank you Da Jie for  it (:

Really blessed to have them with me for the past 1.5 years, had so much laughters and gotten help and support from them! Love you people!

After all the rushing of school work, finally able to take a breather during Chinese New Year. OOTD for day 1 and did my nails (after so long). I got to see my nephew too, who is the youngest in our family now.

Time really flew by so fast, everyone is growing up, gotten more matured, getting married, working, having kids, getting old...