Friday, March 25, 2011


Sorry to say this again,but time flies!Gosh,only 4days more of work,I'm doneeeeee!~
Hehe,it had been more interesting now cos I've got another company in the office,more fun and less boring.Hahas,thanks Esther!(:

So,this happened last Sunday,I've delay this till now,lazy to update but still feel like doing it,funny eh?:/

Had a fantastic lunch and shopping trip with the girls again.Courts to eat lunch,called the Box Bistro.Nice ambience's,food was okay,ate till real full.Camwhored a lot,so just gonna put some up.

After lunch went for piercing again,hees.Then off to Vivo shop.Diaso,Cotton On,Forever 21 were the places that i bought all my loots.Happy max!(: Can't wait to eat/use/wear them all.Really,when we earned more,we spent even more.Must have self-control.

Gran's house for dinner and home sweet home.

Gonna go do spec tmr,hopefully won't be too serious...ugh.Gonna borrow books too,life's too short to not read them:D

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Funny Night.

Well,work started to get hectic now,this is only the beginning...1 more week and 4 days left to go!Hang in there Peggy!:/

Okay,so met up with these girls for a dinner date yesterday,ate at Secret Recipe,which I must say the food are not bad,could try eating there again next time,hee(: It was a really hilarious night spent with time,never fail to laugh at stories,our actions and whatnots.Can't stop laughing for awhile and it had been a long time since I laughed so much,hahas.FUNny all the way till home.Even thinking of it now makes me smile.Lol.

Went to Nex with Mom,saw the newly opened library,it was like heaven.All the new books,and really quite a lot compared to Hg Mall and Compass Point.OMG,gonna go there borrow books next time,more frequently actually.Hope would have even more books till the next time.

Another Sunday to look forward to,shopping trip with the girls tmr!Wheeeeeeeeeee;) Hoping would get more loots(sale please) and have more fun again,hehe.

Shall end here,another update real soon! XX

(Photos Credited To: HuiYi & YingXin)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Strange Yet Familiar

Quite an interesting week spent.Went for work only for 2 days(hehe),caught I Am Number Four with mommy,rest a lot,done a lot of reading.The guy(Alex Pettyfer) is really cute,and his accent..

Okay,don't really know what I should write about,can't keep writing the same thing over and over again.Actually did thought of something but it logic?

Hope everyone in Japan will stay strong and get on with life.People everywhere are praying for you,gambette!

Everything just happened so sudden,no one can predict what the future holds.Nature is a force to be reckon with,we can't control disasters from happening.Like its already planned out or something.Hmm.

They say things happened for a reason,how much of this is true though?

Friday, March 04, 2011

Like Falling Stars

Short update-Pretty much busy with work,the silence is deafening and somewhat creepy.Only 3 more weeks to go through,i will survive,heh.TP enrollment package arrived,lots of things to do including medical check-up,just completed most of the forms and whatnots today,kinda funny yet awkward for the check-up thing.And yes,eyesight degrees increase again,thank you so much computer and books.Sigh~

Been watching Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars,both series are getting more and more thrilling,yet VD next episode have to wait for another 4-5 weeks(?),the torture...

Movies too,like the sisterhood of the traveling pants 1 & 2,awesome movies;)

Gurus from youtube too,learnt quite a few things from them,make me wanna start one too,heh,that may just have to wait for a loooong time,shall see how then.

Sudden crave to buy a lot of things but money never seem to be enough,you know, like its human nature to desire for a lot of things we can't possibly get,that's why we can never be absolutely happy and living a perfect life.Oh,why have i become like this?I'll never learn to appreciate all the things i have now unless i lose them.

Maybe one day I'll just move to the countryside and continue my life there...bliss.Ha.