Sunday, January 16, 2011

Here Goes Nothing

Completed JAE,now the only thing left to do is wait and see,will be praying hard that I can get into my 1st or 2nd choice.But I'm afraid of the opposite...really hope to get in,please grant me.
sigh.Good luck to all applicants out there too,everyone would be happy wouldn't it?

I'm off for another job tmr,this time nearer to my home but working everyday for 12hours.Hope the selling would be good and all for money's sake.Part for experience too actually,heh.Luckily ending before CNY,if not i'll be dead soon working like this for a month or smth.Phew.Hope all will be good.

They say time heals wounds,but really even if it is healed you will still think of the pain sometimes right?This is natural for all human beings.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well,results day yesterday.It was really nerve wrecking.Some are happy with theirs while others are not.Majority did well i guess.

As for me,it was not really bad nor good.Don't feel really happy or upset.Basically I'm not sure what should i feel when i see the results.This is bad right?This means i do not have a definite goal i want to reach or something.

When i see people getting really good/excellent results like 10points and below,I felt i didn't give my best at all,felt relieved at first but suddenly it seems like I'm the worse.Unexpected grades too,good and bad.Sigh.But its reality,i can't change anything now.

Word of advice: People taking O levels in time to come,really must study hard and smart cos its really different from what you get in school.Please don't do last minute unless you're a genius(really there are),who don't study much but still get awesome results compared to those who mugged like shit but nowhere near like 10points and below.So,good luck and all the best.Don't do something you'll regret too that will destroy your future.

Now,left with tough decisions to make by Friday.What courses to choose and where to go.Hate making decisions,I'm afraid the ones I make will lead to regret and bleak future.Ugh.Hoping miracle could happen so i could get into a decent course which will lead me to university and a bright future even if my decisions are wrong and whatnots.Praying hard something good will happen and keeping everything crossed.I want a good and happy life ahead.

Shall end here.
Follow your heart?
Follow your guts?
or just use logic?

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Gone to all polys open house,some were really friendly and high.Time to make decisions again.Tougher each time.Sigh.

& yes,tmr is THE day.Result of our efforts.
All the feelings are like coming slowly at me now.Really no idea what would happen tmr.Just do not want to get a shock of my life and all the sad stuffs.Need to pray hard.Just something worth all my 10years efforts will do.Running out of words to say,feeling all kinds of misery and dread now.Good luck to all the O level candidates for tmr!

ending with happy pictures,

(though its kinda fake here, too much till numb.)

I hope I'll still be happy tmr and for the rest of my life.wish me luck!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

"Life is what you make it."

So,gave my stuffs to the people,expecting my pay on 19Jan.Hope I'll see the money earned when i go update passbook.

Been raining cats and dogs every time i went out...What mistake did i made to make the sky furious?
1.Monday when I'm handling my work stuffs,rained when going to Bugis.
2.Wednesday when I'm out with YingXin,Tampines.
3.Today when I'm out after training with Helina,Tampines.Lucky though,kind soul drove us to interchange.Lovee his car,red seats with white,comfy too.Thank you.

Wednesday,been long since i met up with YX,had a good chat,train to Bugis to buy rest of my CNY clothes,great loots found and bought.Cheap some more,fit perfectly,hee.Lovin' them.Been long too since i last went shopping for tons of stuffs,probably like 1mth plus?Heh,thrifty right?;)

Head to SAFRA Tampines where there's this Minds Cafe,snacking together with games to play,awesome right?Nothing to do go this cafe,definitely will be fun and less bored!^^Rained like shit after we're done,feet totally submerged in the small floods near the drains,sands,sticks,stones felt it all,ugh hate it.Today also-.-
Lucky didn't wear long pants,will be 100x even worse.Been there,done that.

Today,gonna get ready for another job so training to go to.Kinda bored and daydreamed awhile,not straying too far away so still alright,hee.Like school all over again only learning real life skills and putting them to use soon.Went to bought some stuffs and head home.Sitting on the bus alone really make me think of a lot of things.Flashbacks,dreams.Especially with music that makes you think.Almost all ain't it?:/

Poly visits tmr and sat!Hope it will be useful somehow and gained something before i head home...

Monday, January 03, 2011


Break from work awhile is awesome.Get more rest and spending more time with family(:

So anyway Saturday went to Nex with family,walked a lot,food was yummy but expensive,bought few pieces of New year clothing which I'm absolutely in love with them(:Shall show you guys when it's CNY,hee.Dad suddenly gotten stomach ache so,it was kinda hard for him,cos he's the one to wait for us to do the shopping,heh.Really good patience he has,thanks daddy!

Sunday,it was (paternal)Gran's Birthday,aged around 85+?Had our dinner at a seafood restaurant in Toa Payoh Central.Waited damn long for the food to come,food was not really tasty only for a few.feel the money spent kinda wasted.Ate till my stomach bloated though,cos had fried chicken wings and prawns and soup at (maternal)Gran's house.THAT,they were freaking delicious.So hence they're the cause of my bloated-ness too.

Downside,need to exercise more more more to shed off those calories):

Had a good time celebrating Gran's B'day,I'm sure she was really happy when almost the whole family celebrated it for her(:Happy Birthday Gran!

*Some faces are blurred out of respect for them,for the kids i think they're cute probably won't mind?Heh, and Gran of cos,show how healthy and pretty she is right now!Love you Gran's((:

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Chapter.

Happy New Year!

May 2011 be even better for all of us,more joys and happiness(:
Study hard for students,successful business for adults,
& Life goes on.

Think i'll change blogskin next time,kinda lazy.Heh.Fireworks watched at home):
But caught 3 places putting fireworks at the same time!Awesome.
Mum said the places are from Malaysia,heh.

2011's Resolutions:

-Get into a good school and survive in it(most probably poly)
-Be more proactive
-Make new/close friends(hopefully more)
-Study hard & smart
-Get good excellent results(must do it)
-Help mum with chores and stuffs whenever possible
-Do more good deeds
-Handwriting gets better
-Be more organized
-Cry less(sorta fail miserably for the past few[2?] years)
-Exercise more
-Control my crave for junk food
-Improvement in appearance($)
-Earn more money
-Less quarrels with family
-More shopping treats($$)
-Stay positive more(kinda fail in the past too)

That's all i guess,okay,really quite a lot.Don't think i can fulfil everything but gonna try anyway cos I'm livin' life for myself. *self-convince*

(few minutes later)
Ugh,can't help but think of negatives and worrying this and that again.Ah shucks.

what about your resolutions?;)