Monday, January 03, 2011


Break from work awhile is awesome.Get more rest and spending more time with family(:

So anyway Saturday went to Nex with family,walked a lot,food was yummy but expensive,bought few pieces of New year clothing which I'm absolutely in love with them(:Shall show you guys when it's CNY,hee.Dad suddenly gotten stomach ache so,it was kinda hard for him,cos he's the one to wait for us to do the shopping,heh.Really good patience he has,thanks daddy!

Sunday,it was (paternal)Gran's Birthday,aged around 85+?Had our dinner at a seafood restaurant in Toa Payoh Central.Waited damn long for the food to come,food was not really tasty only for a few.feel the money spent kinda wasted.Ate till my stomach bloated though,cos had fried chicken wings and prawns and soup at (maternal)Gran's house.THAT,they were freaking delicious.So hence they're the cause of my bloated-ness too.

Downside,need to exercise more more more to shed off those calories):

Had a good time celebrating Gran's B'day,I'm sure she was really happy when almost the whole family celebrated it for her(:Happy Birthday Gran!

*Some faces are blurred out of respect for them,for the kids i think they're cute probably won't mind?Heh, and Gran of cos,show how healthy and pretty she is right now!Love you Gran's((:

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