Monday, November 30, 2015

For September to November

The peak period to complete school work so had some time off one day to sing K wit YX at the Ten Dollar Club located in Aranda Country Club. It was a good stress reliever at that point in time(:

Some food I had enjoyed over the past months...

For the marketing project, had a hard time finding "Lego" blocks but finally found these that I had been playing since young that can be used for the project. Good old times~

Monday, August 31, 2015

August's Drama

This month is where we seen our efforts paid off after months of preparations. Although some areas were not as well done, with many stumbling blocks along the way, frustrations, being disappointed with the way I handled situations, I am still glad I got to through the whole FOW experience with them. So much wonderful memories made and despite all the differences we had, with the common goal we manage to pull through and still had fun at the same time. It was nice while it lasted. Good and bad, I really learnt a lot from everyone. Thankful to receive so much help from the team for the mistakes I had made and that I don't deserve.

National Day was celebrated at Kallang area, though would be able to see the fireworks but all the buildings at the opposite end bock it. The panorama view was still scenic nonetheless and got to visit the national stadium and soak in the lively atmosphere.

Met up with friends for some days and food was so goooood~

Tried the shiok Maki that everyone is talking about and it is definitely shiok! But if I were to keep eating it repeatedly probably will get sick of it as it is rather creamy. Just 2 dishes of this is enough.

Tried Japaneses pizza too.

Pretty good chicken and sweet potatoes fries on the side though the presentation of the dish not that appealing hahaha.

Tried rolled ice cream from Pasar Malam, expensive ice cream but creative way of making ice cream just by pouring the liquid on a cold board.

Went for CLEO Career Academy, to learn more about the different industries the invited panelists were in. Pretty meaningful takeaways from this event and I got to see Andrea Chong and Sandra Riley Tang~ Such beautiful and talented people that succeeded in life. Someday....

Friday, July 31, 2015

Lucky July

Another busy month, trying to manage FOW and Orbital work. The highlights of the month were definitely going to Big Bang's and Jolin Tsai's concerts!

First time at the moshpit, it is so different from viewing it all the way from the back. Of course, the atmosphere was like 100x more lively and so close to see the HD Big Bang's performance. A night I never want to forget and just dance and sing to our hearts' content throughout the night. Sigh, hangover is real after that concert. Money well spent but really burnt a hole in my pocket. Purchasing experiences are so much more expensive really.

Jolin Tsai's concert was more of a surprise and luck. After going to different concerts to see American/Canadian, Korean and Taiwanese, Jolin's concert was the longest for about 3 hours+. Followed by Korean celebrities. I conclude those concerts will be the more worth it ones, especially with good fan service too. Anyway, Jolin's vocals were pretty strong, listening through the nostalgic music and get to see interactions with her fans as she invited them up to the stage for some fun. The stage set up was elaborated and props used really thoughtful and suitable for the themes she wants to showcase. It was an awesome night spent too.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


So much time has passed, currently writing this in 2016 but setting the date in 2015 for all the backlogs I had and keeping this for memory.

Anyway, it is still June, a lot of meetings spent on FOW and Orbital project. There is still an element of fun nonetheless(:

Meet up with friends over meals and receive so much blessings this month and it marks the beginning of adulthood (T_T). Always so thankful to have them in my life and spoiling me with all the heart-warming gifts.

The loveliest cake baked by my dear friend HF. Was so touched by the efforts made to bake me a birthday cake :')

It was also my first time going to Malaysia's shopping malls located near the custom, so many food to try, we caught horror movie there as well and basically just doing window shopping. One happy thing for this trip was the seaweed I bought, it tasted so good!!! Crispy, sweet and salty at the same time. Thanks to YX for bringing me around the malls, it was fun and eye-opening.

Now for all the glorious food~
Forgot what it is called but super creamy cake we found in one cafe at the City Square at Malaysia.

Dazzling Cafe to try their toasts and main dishes. Love the Mentaiko spaghetti!

At Supply & Demand, also ordered a variety of dishes to try. Perks of eating in a big group hehes.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Busy or Not

Just like that, 5 weeks of holidays had passed.

HF baked a really yummy and colourful cake for our dear May baby advance birthday celebration. Glad to have their company for the night(:

Another short meetup with the girls for lunch. Pizza Hut was a letdown that day as we went there for lunch, though there wasn't a crowd, the food took way too long to come:/

Went back to our nostalgic place to rest awhile and these sweet girls offered to accompany me till the evening. Thanks so so much.

Received some Taiwan treats from SY(:

Dinner with colleague at Lenas. Decided on the wrong meal for me, the baked rice was too creamy after eating it for a while.

Coincidentally we wore floral prints XD

Caught Tomorrowland and Pitch Perfect 2 with YX and kinda disappointed with the story plot of Tomorrowland. One thing that struck me the most was the analogy of the black and white wolf, probably is the main takeaway from the movie. Something along the line that if both wolves fight, the wolf that wins is determined by which wolf you feed; like having the energy to fight. So those positive and negative thoughts/feelings you have is a representation of that analogy. Food for thought maybe?

Pitch Perfect 2 was a bit better with all the songs they performed hahahs. More of a light hearted movie(:

Dinner at Olio Cafe on a Friday, I think this is their new dish? Love the whole combination of salmon, vegetables and the sauce.

Went for a epi-lasik screening since it was only $5 hahaha and we were surprised after the results. Regardless, earning that sum of money to do the surgery is still problematic since financial position is not quite sound for the future. Have to consider and plan well when someday I decided to go for it. Having a clearer vision is so much more convenient though.

You know that feeling as though you thought you had many tasks to accomplish within a time frame yet you can't go ahead and do it because of external factors and if you wanna go ahead and do other stuff you're unsure to do it or not which left this uncomfortable tugging/nagging feeling at the back of your mind? Okay this was not how I want to express my thoughts but seriously this nagging feeling is so unbearable so long nothing gets done. This is called worry right? *Face palm*. -.-

Even I'm on a school break, procrastination is not going away any time soon. Need to be in control of my life seriously.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Hello to whoever still reads my blog hahaha! Just realised I've been gone for almost 5 months, with the beginning of a new semester and it just ended a week ago. Officially completed a year worth of university study. As usual this semester was another bumpy ride, the first time having so much failing experiences I can't even. Glad it is finally over, really hoping for the best for exam results, sigh.

I came to a realisation that every semester I will probably hit a climax and struggle with all the depressing workload and feelings. It is so hard to force myself out of this negative vicious cycle yet somehow I always find my way out again no matter how brutally I've got hurt mentally hahahas wonder how I did it. I think I'm getting use to it. But still, to go through it over again for the next 4-5 more is scary even just thinking about it. On top of the academic stress, also have to deal with the strong competition and the occasional loneliness...meh, kinda sucks. :/

Regardless, always feel so good and safe meeting and catching up with close friends. The older we get, I feel even more glad that I have a group of friends that continue to make an effort to stay on in my life. To have someone to call your close friend seem so much harder to come by now.

Celebrated birthdays for these dear girls over the past few months, so happy that I got to witness their growth and sharing those special moments with them. Very grateful (:

Breeks Cafe for dinner, the dish was too oily in my opinion.

Took part in a sports carnival and interact with new people for various games that was meant to be raising more awareness for people with special needs. It was quite eye opening as they got to invite a famous paralympic swimmer for a dialogue session. Had a really enjoyable time playing through the games and meaningful at the same time.

Another birthday celebration in Feb and hahaha had so much fun chatting with the girls and those funny awkward moments >,<

Tried this prawn aglio olio at Royz et Vous cafe, very spicy but every bite of the meal was flavourful, yumms.

Took this particular module and got to do fieldwork on vices, another eye opening topic and learnt quite a lot about what happened in Southeast Asia countries and how those countries interact with one another. Pretty insightful, hopefully can get a good grade, fingers crossed.

Them came a few more birthdays celebrations for March. Hehe had a great time attending their parties!^^

I went for a political kind of dialogue discussing about the importance of getting a degree, so many different point of views and debatable issues, left me wondering with more questions than answers. Not sure is this a good thing or bad thing. On one hand we probably wanted a change, but with changes also comes with other factors to evaluate whether the trade-off are acceptable and being supported.

Oh and I gotten my first ever stomach flu during exams(totally mood downer) and thereafter throat inflammation, flu and cough. What perfect timing. So grossed out.

Funny how when I'm swamp with a lot of assignments I'll think about those life questions and now that break is here, those thoughts just flew away.

Oh and recently got hooked onto the 'Return of the Superman' show, omg the kids are soooooo adorable!!!*.*

Till the next post!