Tuesday, June 30, 2015


So much time has passed, currently writing this in 2016 but setting the date in 2015 for all the backlogs I had and keeping this for memory.

Anyway, it is still June, a lot of meetings spent on FOW and Orbital project. There is still an element of fun nonetheless(:

Meet up with friends over meals and receive so much blessings this month and it marks the beginning of adulthood (T_T). Always so thankful to have them in my life and spoiling me with all the heart-warming gifts.

The loveliest cake baked by my dear friend HF. Was so touched by the efforts made to bake me a birthday cake :')

It was also my first time going to Malaysia's shopping malls located near the custom, so many food to try, we caught horror movie there as well and basically just doing window shopping. One happy thing for this trip was the seaweed I bought, it tasted so good!!! Crispy, sweet and salty at the same time. Thanks to YX for bringing me around the malls, it was fun and eye-opening.

Now for all the glorious food~
Forgot what it is called but super creamy cake we found in one cafe at the City Square at Malaysia.

Dazzling Cafe to try their toasts and main dishes. Love the Mentaiko spaghetti!

At Supply & Demand, also ordered a variety of dishes to try. Perks of eating in a big group hehes.

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