Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mid-February Thoughts

Yesterday marked the last day of poly (technically still have exams), so finally have some time to relax (and blog) before I get ready to prepare for exams. I'm still stunned that poly is finally going to be over, I'm gonna graduate soon. There's so much to think for everytime an education stage is completed.

Anyway, first time I did a henna in support for Sylvia's flea booth. A bit disappointed by the design but its all right cos I finally tried it, hahas.

When I told myself, I'm never gonna run again after NAPFA, I still did and for 5km charity run. Can't believe I managed to run through it with some walking in between. Hehes! Pretty proud of my accomplishment.

POE was the last presentation, so ending it with class photos!

CNY visiting with friends, glad that this year more people could make it!(: I wonder when will we ever have a full group visiting, that would be pretty awesome.

A very sweet Valentine's/Graduation gifts and card from Sharifah, thank you many many! (;

And, what's last day of school without taking a photo at our legendary OOTD wall, heeeees.

So thankful that this 3 years of poly got by easily with new friends made and able to keep up with the stress. Sincerely hope to get into university next, though its gonna be 100 times more difficult to survive.

So much more is at stake, a future to think about and growing up...:/

Been chasing 'You Who Came From The Stars'/'My Love From The Stars' and now I can't get over how Kim Soo Hyun's character is so charming and handsome in the show. Ahhhhh. *.* I can float happily to my dreamland now and never to come back.

I still don't want to face reality to be honest.