Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hectic August

I'm back! After surviving the first semester of Uni life. No kidding it was super chaotic and I was swamped with the tutorials, projects, events that I signed up for. Result? Spent almost everyday trying to catch up on the different modules and finishing the assignments . Hardly had time to breathe literally. The journey ahead is a tough one...Anyway  this is a backdated post before the school work snowballed.

Managed to meet my ladies for steamboat on one weekend. Had a really good meal chatting and catching up as usual!

Since the orientation camp I joined had bash at a club, this became my first visit to a club...I know I know I am still living in a cave. Since going as a big group is much safer so yea it was a good experience. Do I wanna go back again? Not really, I can't stand the flashing lights and loud music, sooner or later my ears probably can't take it.

So Kang Gary & Jung In came to Singapore for NTU Fest. Since it was a free event, I went with HF to see them sing live and yes live performance was awesome, singing was totally on point and I thoroughly enjoyed it! ^^

Having registered for RunNUS with the OG, I am proud to say I survived the 10km run!!:DDD
Well mostly I'm walking for the whole journey...BUT STILL achievement unlocked!!!Not gonna do this again. Think my lifespan probably had been reduce by a few years. Another good and tough experience, #YOLO right?

A short dinner with JX one day at her nearby workplace. Dayum the dim sum and porridge were exceptionally yummy!!! Must go back there again to try their other dishes! Plus the prices are reasonable so another plus point for that, heh heh.

Attended workshops to cope better with studies and wahahaha I didn't put it into use  >.<
Yoga and Zumba during a Friday night that I had a lot of fun just dancing and shaking off all the stress and frustrations~ Hope there's gonna be another one to join again! Teehee.
Wedding dinner on the last day of this month and honestly, food and view wasn't that great but still bride and groom looked good together and blessed marriage to them!

Sums up another memorable month!(: