Saturday, November 28, 2009

Been feeling unwell fer th past few days.
gotten sore throat whch led to coughing fits now.
hope it gets better soon.
wanna watch 2012 and NEW MOON!!!
kinda outdated tht i've not watch 2012,but better late than never(:
Screams fer New Moon!Sneak previews during weekends!till mon.
can't catch it so have to wait fer th official release,3rd dec,sianx.
sigh...looked so nicee,wanna watch it soon!!):

nothing much happened,just boring no life.
dec coming soon,then 2010 next year.
how time flies.Hwk still left untouched.
gotta hit them soon,delay till next mth alr.

heh,okay shall end here!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hi!Time to update again.
think i could won th most lifeless award,cos everyday is just so mundane.
anyway went to wedding dinner at Four Seasons Hotel ytd.
Lovee th decorations,food were quite okay,very glam washroom.
ain't used to it.Ate till i'm bloated.
Grandma was being cute there(:
went passed Orchard,looked very beautiful with all those lightnings and Christmas trees((:
not much pictures though,heh:X

went for a maths lesson in th morning and met up with zen with th others.
turn out great in th end.
really envious of her,able to go Japan!):
when will it be my turn?ah well.
kept walking around plaza sing randomly,end up in th same place all over again.
ate lunch around 3 to 4 plus(?) at HongKong Cafe.
food was quite ok,damn bloated till now,plus my dinner.
freaking full.argh,need to exercise mre tmr.
tons of maths hwk to be done.
choir tmr,sigh.i was just beginning to get use without cca.
well,there goes my sweet dream.

been thinking a lot during th hols.
somethings really are better off left unsaid.
what's th use anyway?
it's like sometimes,just feel so alone.
like isolated from everyone else.
visibility just changes every time.
one moment visible,th next sec invisible.
might as well just left alone th whole life,just too much to bear sometimes.
sigh,if only...
effing sucks to be a human.Think i rather be ___.
wished i'm in th state of Nirvana,better to just feel nothing/.
don't understand why when there's a long hols,my mind just turn weird.
okayy,think I'm contradicting myself.

Thanks Helina fer th New Moon book.
awesomely nicee to read.
wished it wouldn't end but oh well.
took a snapshot of my pet society cos i finally earned my first 10k coins(:
too bad,its gone now,spent on a lot of things):
think i shall end here.
long post today,kinda boring uh?hahas.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

okay,seriously i've no idea wht to update about.
but feels like
went to sch ytd,kinda wasted trip cos cher wasn't gonna teach.
played around,lols.
went to mall again to borrow books.
why is it tht th good books are always gone?
sigh,kinda wasted too i guess.
reread new moon again.
awfully nicee!think gonna start obsessing with it again.
hee,can't wait fer new moon to show!(:
oh ya JB's album is out on th 17th,there's a golden ticket to be won.
private concert of th owner plus breakfast being made by him personally!
like wth can,so lucky whoever tht got it.
have not been doing my hwk fer th past days.

simply no mood to do & boring!
i've lost th motivation to do alr,so disappointing.
oh ya,also found out th meaning of R.S.V.P in th wedding invitation.
it means please reply(:
ok,its kinda lame talking about all this.
sidetrack, i think i'm a very selfish person.
cos i do not know how to feel happy for other ppl.
its like i only care about myself,devastating.
hate those mix feelings every time it comes.
argh!disgusted by myself.
oh well,one step at a time then,can't force myself to be feeling okay th next sec.
just wish this feelings would kinda pass quickly...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm feeling pretty happy todayyy!:D
cos cos cos...
went Hg mall to borrow books,alomst all are about Vamps!!!*grins widely*
After th longest time,like a century had passed,bought a top(:
& fer a good price,comfortable,vintageey,somewhat what i wanted too.
bought a bag too,perhaps use it next yr fer CNY.
feeling utmost happyyyy,THANKS MUMMYYY:DD
there's also a chance i could go to th freaking wedding!WOOTS!:D
*jumping with smile*
so awesome tht good things finally happened after th longest time.
anyway,good things are always worth th wait!

gonna start exercising at home to get over th time.
with a cool guide,hope could shed some fats,so shoo,extra fats!:x
okay,i'm being random alr.
oh well,who cares(:

did i mention i am on th verge of hating chemistry too?
anyway,th hwk i'm doing recently really made me wanna give up.
frankly speaking,i think its harder than maths-.-
but i won't give up,gonna do it till i complete them.
leave some blanks shld be alright,hee:X

Still very in love with JB,wht to doooo?
sigh,think i will go gaga over him for quite a long time,like KHJ too,lols.
lalalas,my favourite boy!:p
end th post with JB!Love his smile!<33

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

was not gonna blog,but gotten bored.
sat went k-box with BKS(:
had a fun time with them!
sun went temple,was a vegetarian for th first half day.
food quite nicee,saved one meal money too,heh.
Gran's hse in th evening.
mon and today went to sch fer lesson.
no lessons fer this week after today(:
next week still hav,so gonna go.
must start to work hard now.
if not,really have no idea how i'm gonna cope next yr.
22nd nov,wedding dinner at orchard there.
though its not really smth to..i dunno.
can't go,sigh.
really wanna tried th food there.
must be so damn delicious or smth.
becos of money,yet again(!!!) and some reason,can't go!
only daddy can)':
wth can.
argh,so upset with this.
rarely like there's a wedding & finally.
am not able to go.
forget it,just wanna rant out smth.
ends here~
P.S JB's voice,nicee right(x2)!!!love his voice!heh.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Saw a rainbow in th morning ytd!(above pic)
uber pretty!((:
currently in love with Justin Bieber!<3
hahas,his voice is so mesmerizing!
have a cute face too la,i admit.
heh,absolutely freaking nicee!
songs are mre fer girls tho,kinda nicee too.
love to th max man.
kinda obsessed tooo much:X
laze around th house,
listen to songs,
do hmks till boredom wash over me,
& read book(:
simply had sum up what i've done at home.
boring right?
lifeless like shit.
oh well,rather than stress anyway.
nth much to update.
ends here.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

having lessons fer th past...1 day.
kinda mundane though.
still,could pass some time away.
clueless about chemisty.
wonder how am i gonna score well for it.
maths is quite okay,think cher wanna go on bullet train-.-
kinda good i guess,least next yr won't hav not enough time.
bio was kinda funny today.
cher is like so agitated but still could cracked jokes.
playing moshi monster nowadays.
so adorable pet i got:>
once again think i'm gonna hav another uneventful hols.
pretty much th same thing over th yrs.
bored to th max!):
hope another 1 or 2 yrs,smth big and cool happenings can happen in life.
perk some highness out:X
sigh,tmr another 2 lessons.
shall end here!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Start of a brand new mth...
just checked ace-learn,3 wks of lessons/sch to be exact.
oh well,least it take my mind off some things and won't rot at home.
which is a good thing.
many things to do,feel like throwing everything away,behind...
sigh,am loss of words,nth much to update.
ytd went Hg mall,got th blood donation thingy...
not a lot of ppl were interested..many helpers(?) were stopping ppl to help.
went to borrowed books,can't find th continued series):
but still found new ones(:
this week is gonna be a busy week.
hope could complete most of th hwks by this mth/2-3weeks.
so i will get to relax later on.
shall end here.