Tuesday, November 10, 2009

was not gonna blog,but gotten bored.
sat went k-box with BKS(:
had a fun time with them!
sun went temple,was a vegetarian for th first half day.
food quite nicee,saved one meal money too,heh.
Gran's hse in th evening.
mon and today went to sch fer lesson.
no lessons fer this week after today(:
next week still hav,so gonna go.
must start to work hard now.
if not,really have no idea how i'm gonna cope next yr.
22nd nov,wedding dinner at orchard there.
though its not really smth to..i dunno.
can't go,sigh.
really wanna tried th food there.
must be so damn delicious or smth.
becos of money,yet again(!!!) and some reason,can't go!
only daddy can)':
wth can.
argh,so upset with this.
rarely like there's a wedding & finally.
am not able to go.
forget it,just wanna rant out smth.
ends here~
P.S JB's voice,nicee right(x2)!!!love his voice!heh.

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