Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm feeling pretty happy todayyy!:D
cos cos cos...
went Hg mall to borrow books,alomst all are about Vamps!!!*grins widely*
After th longest time,like a century had passed,bought a top(:
& fer a good price,comfortable,vintageey,somewhat what i wanted too.
bought a bag too,perhaps use it next yr fer CNY.
feeling utmost happyyyy,THANKS MUMMYYY:DD
there's also a chance i could go to th freaking wedding!WOOTS!:D
*jumping with smile*
so awesome tht good things finally happened after th longest time.
anyway,good things are always worth th wait!

gonna start exercising at home to get over th time.
with a cool guide,hope could shed some fats,so shoo,extra fats!:x
okay,i'm being random alr.
oh well,who cares(:

did i mention i am on th verge of hating chemistry too?
anyway,th hwk i'm doing recently really made me wanna give up.
frankly speaking,i think its harder than maths-.-
but i won't give up,gonna do it till i complete them.
leave some blanks shld be alright,hee:X

Still very in love with JB,wht to doooo?
sigh,think i will go gaga over him for quite a long time,like KHJ too,lols.
lalalas,my favourite boy!:p
end th post with JB!Love his smile!<33

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