Wednesday, July 29, 2009

still kinda weird,blogger still not working.
no button format):
flunking chemistry test.
only can blame myself for not studying harder.
really had slack too much.
hope beloved get well soon.
no need participate in ND performance.
but does tht mean needa perform for th class competition thing?
i rather do th choir though,heh.
2 mre boring days ahead.
oh yeah,do help tht lil girl,Charmaine,if can ya.
hope she can recover,God Bless.

Friday, July 24, 2009

No idea what had happened to blogger,everything is not aligned.
no buttons to format post either):
anyway,done ss test,hope can pass.
seriously didn't remember much.
finally weekends is here again,weets(:
changed back to th old sitting arrangement too.
just nth much to update.
just th same old boring school rountine.
cca fully resume next week,getting ready for th ND celebration.
no participation points at all(i think?).
like performing for nth.
class also needa do a short skit or smth.
CTs coming,still didin't have th time to start revision yet.
& th trigo and moles is seriously killing me.
don't understand much.
i want everything to pass,so i can stop stressing these stuffs.
life is just so complicated.
why must humans make it so complicated to start with?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Solar Eclipse on wed.
hope at least could see a lil bit.
but somehow think need a special pair of glasses then will be able to see?
oh well~
had to changed seating arrangement today.
kinda bored,cos no mre much laughters with th girls and sweets!
test and mre test.
really have to buck up,felt i slack too much alr.
think gonna hav a busy week with cca resuming,
don't think much free time left.
lovee th book i'm reading now.
still in so much suspense.i wanna find out what exactly happened.
hees!hope can pass ss test this fri.
this is so gonna be hard.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

ytd was fun,met up with bestie go return/borrow books+window shopping.
luckily was on time meeting her,phew.
long time since we went out,was nicee.
chatted,gossiped a lil,laughed and boy-craze th BOF all over again with her.
hahas,damn funny.missed 2(or is it 3?) buses cos we can't finished a drink.
heh,but luckily th longer we wait,th lesser ppl there was.
foot cramp while i really wanted to try tht heel):
uber pretty heel,seriously.
print some photos too.
lovee th books borrowed,all is full of mysteries.
overall had a great day!Thanks girl!(:
oh yeah,took many photos in bus,kinda embarrassed:x
sorry fer th
do ignore if want to,cos i know i look goddamn retard.

went to Hg Mall with parents.
started off bad again.everytime like tht.
sick of it.always say this but do th other.
wth,broken promises everytime.
still,over awhile it was ok.
seriously hate myself for being so useless.
emotion just control me somehow.
sigh.but thanks mum & dad for what you done today.
appreciate it hell lot.
Common Test coming,3 subject in 1 day.
isn't this ridiculous at all?
brain cells surely die a lot.
must start revision early,no time to lose.
shall end here fer today.
long post ya(:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday blues~
morning woke up really don't feel like going to school.
so boring,heh.
many tests this week,hope can pass.
was kinda crazy today & perhaps last week too,laughed like some crazy person:x
have to maintain my composure next time.
else it would be bad.
very bad.
yx & i tried our luck to get NDP rehearsal tickets through Straits Times...
no news..think its a goner.
sigh,was so looking forward to it.
& th Mcdelievery also,heh.
thought can win some $$.
sigh,also th same state,goner too)':
not tht easy yea.
utterly disappointed.
oh well~nth much tht can be done either.
hope cca won't resume so soon.
don't feel like goin at all.
kinda good tht there is H1N1?:X
so much better to go classroom everyday.
no assembly too.haahs.

shall end here.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


went to bestie house with Kelly & SinYi.
for our 1st attempt on cooking a meal,which is our lunch.
turns out fun,not bad for 1st-timers.Hees.
though i think 2 of th girls alr had some experiences before.
Meal consists for a soup,fish,veggie,tofu and eggs.
Dessert we had jelly and choco-cereal cookies.
everything taste really yummy.feel like eating it again.
hahas.after we ate,chatted and so-called gossiped a lil.
laughed till my tummy hurts,heh.damn funny.
censored my retarded face,looked out of shape,cept for one i think.
so laugh all you want la,lols.
photos spam~~~

Looked tasty yes?Haahs. SinYi's so-called birthday 'cake'.so-called Cookies[white+dark chocolates+cereals] we made,sw-eet!:D
Us,me looked kinda weird:X
The jellys,nicee right?hahas,its raspberry(:
feel so bloated now,still gonna eat my dinner later.
God.oh well~

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

been busy with school days,so much things tht have to be done.
blogger is working again.
luckily cca is not resuming yet.
hope no assembly too tmr.
only can look forward to weekends now.
still missing th hols.sigh.
today get caught up in a funny situation,hahas.
damn hilarious:b
also watch Another Cinderella Story.
nicee music and storyline.
Drew Seeley is cute,though he is kinda old now,hahas.
lovee th dance they do,look so cool.
make me wanna dance too,heh.
having bio test tmr,hope can pass.
was kinda shocked by cher reactions..
in th end it was kinda a lie?lols.
temp rise up sia:/
2 mre days to weekends,weets(:

Sunday, July 05, 2009

still can't upload pictures from blogger aye.
think will have to use photobucket for now,troublesome man.
almost gonna complete my chinese project.weets^^
hope won't fail,cos look kinda not tempting to see or look into?
100marks sia,*faint*
another rainy day,with thunders & lightnings.
either read mangas,fb-ing or bloghopping.
still,kinda entertaining,lols.
shall end here,nighties!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Only th 3rd day of school,hwks just came pouring down.
still not stopping.wth.
can't even squeeze in time to take a nap or smth.
really hate tht_____.
SL better lo,dunno what are they thinking.
sigh,always th good ones gone.
can't upload picture yea,weird.
oh well~
really stress with th both maths.
freaking tired.
luckily cca had been stop fer awhile,
else ain't no idea how am i gonna cope.
hectic hectic HECTIC.
brain cells is dying.
most days study till 2+pm.hell.
think everyone so free,study for so long,& my lunch.
always hav to wait till 2+ or sometimes 3 then could eat.
really feel like sue-ing them.alas,no money & ...
school days just sucks big time.