Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Only th 3rd day of school,hwks just came pouring down.
still not stopping.wth.
can't even squeeze in time to take a nap or smth.
really hate tht_____.
SL better lo,dunno what are they thinking.
sigh,always th good ones gone.
can't upload picture yea,weird.
oh well~
really stress with th both maths.
freaking tired.
luckily cca had been stop fer awhile,
else ain't no idea how am i gonna cope.
hectic hectic HECTIC.
brain cells is dying.
most days study till 2+pm.hell.
think everyone so free,study for so long,& my lunch.
always hav to wait till 2+ or sometimes 3 then could eat.
really feel like sue-ing them.alas,no money & ...
school days just sucks big time.

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