Saturday, July 11, 2009


went to bestie house with Kelly & SinYi.
for our 1st attempt on cooking a meal,which is our lunch.
turns out fun,not bad for 1st-timers.Hees.
though i think 2 of th girls alr had some experiences before.
Meal consists for a soup,fish,veggie,tofu and eggs.
Dessert we had jelly and choco-cereal cookies.
everything taste really yummy.feel like eating it again.
hahas.after we ate,chatted and so-called gossiped a lil.
laughed till my tummy hurts,heh.damn funny.
censored my retarded face,looked out of shape,cept for one i think.
so laugh all you want la,lols.
photos spam~~~

Looked tasty yes?Haahs. SinYi's so-called birthday 'cake'.so-called Cookies[white+dark chocolates+cereals] we made,sw-eet!:D
Us,me looked kinda weird:X
The jellys,nicee right?hahas,its raspberry(:
feel so bloated now,still gonna eat my dinner later.
God.oh well~

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