Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday blues~
morning woke up really don't feel like going to school.
so boring,heh.
many tests this week,hope can pass.
was kinda crazy today & perhaps last week too,laughed like some crazy person:x
have to maintain my composure next time.
else it would be bad.
very bad.
yx & i tried our luck to get NDP rehearsal tickets through Straits Times...
no news..think its a goner.
sigh,was so looking forward to it.
& th Mcdelievery also,heh.
thought can win some $$.
sigh,also th same state,goner too)':
not tht easy yea.
utterly disappointed.
oh well~nth much tht can be done either.
hope cca won't resume so soon.
don't feel like goin at all.
kinda good tht there is H1N1?:X
so much better to go classroom everyday.
no assembly too.haahs.

shall end here.

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