Saturday, July 18, 2009

ytd was fun,met up with bestie go return/borrow books+window shopping.
luckily was on time meeting her,phew.
long time since we went out,was nicee.
chatted,gossiped a lil,laughed and boy-craze th BOF all over again with her.
hahas,damn funny.missed 2(or is it 3?) buses cos we can't finished a drink.
heh,but luckily th longer we wait,th lesser ppl there was.
foot cramp while i really wanted to try tht heel):
uber pretty heel,seriously.
print some photos too.
lovee th books borrowed,all is full of mysteries.
overall had a great day!Thanks girl!(:
oh yeah,took many photos in bus,kinda embarrassed:x
sorry fer th
do ignore if want to,cos i know i look goddamn retard.

went to Hg Mall with parents.
started off bad again.everytime like tht.
sick of it.always say this but do th other.
wth,broken promises everytime.
still,over awhile it was ok.
seriously hate myself for being so useless.
emotion just control me somehow.
sigh.but thanks mum & dad for what you done today.
appreciate it hell lot.
Common Test coming,3 subject in 1 day.
isn't this ridiculous at all?
brain cells surely die a lot.
must start revision early,no time to lose.
shall end here fer today.
long post ya(:

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