Friday, July 24, 2009

No idea what had happened to blogger,everything is not aligned.
no buttons to format post either):
anyway,done ss test,hope can pass.
seriously didn't remember much.
finally weekends is here again,weets(:
changed back to th old sitting arrangement too.
just nth much to update.
just th same old boring school rountine.
cca fully resume next week,getting ready for th ND celebration.
no participation points at all(i think?).
like performing for nth.
class also needa do a short skit or smth.
CTs coming,still didin't have th time to start revision yet.
& th trigo and moles is seriously killing me.
don't understand much.
i want everything to pass,so i can stop stressing these stuffs.
life is just so complicated.
why must humans make it so complicated to start with?

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