Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Hint of Truth in September

Caught Maze Runner movie on a Wednesday, interesting story plot and the actors are good looking!

Hope there will be sequel for it. As part of this paricular module I had taken, which gave a overview of what social work is, I got the opportunity to visit a Family Service Centre and a Residential Home. So lucky that both locations are near my home and did not know it existed until I learnt about it. Anyway, the people and social workers from the FSC and RH were super nice and friendly to us, sharing their experiences, information on what they did and giving us a token of appreciation. Totally salute these people. Such perseverance and having a heart of gold to help the rest of the society to function better on top of their own personal life. Seriously.

Caught  Guardians of the Galaxy with mum, a good action and comedy flick too! No disappointment there.

This was probably the time where I felt like giving up cos everything just seem so hard and I question again where my interest/life goal lies. Going through everyday just to survive and truthfully I was barely hanging on and on the verge of just heck care everything. Wallowing in self-pity and just keep thinking I'm not good enough. Ha. Of course this does nothing to my esteem and motivation to go on.

It is like I'm not here but also not there. But somewhere in between some current and just going with it. It's depressing as hell.