Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mindless Dreaming.

Was supposed to catch the Voyage De La Vie show but no tickets(cos its free,heh) for last Saturday so ended going on a shopping spree at VivoCity.Went looking for clothes on sale and miraculously there were a lot,spent quite a lot but its was way too fun to stop.Kinda like addictive uh,nothing more than $20,seriously.Coincidentally met Kelly on our way home,lol.Shall do this again next time,very soon perhaps,hee;)

So far,work had been alright,still felt kinda odd though.Never mind,as soon as its over I'm done with working for quite awhile.Don't work=no money and rotting at home,work=money and end of social life..sort of? I like to contradict myself a lot in this,no idea why.Ugh.Though I kinda hope next time could just find a home-based job,that's pretty awesome cos no need to face boss and customers directly plus bit more freedom,hahas.

Anyway,met up with the rest of the girls after work one day,really missed seeing them and having fun together,good times.Thanks for the day girls!(:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sugar,spice & everything nice

Spent my Valentine's day with mommy, out for a shopping spree but came back with few loots only.I think walking aimlessly in search of finding something you really want is kinda tough.We went round and round can't even find a top or a dress.Sorry mommy for pulling you to accompany,maybe i should just go shopping on my own next time.Will get pretty nervous though,too self-conscious to even buy things on my own,such a letdown.I would prefer to coop myself at home rather than going out seriously.Especially with a book to read,it makes the whole day perfect(:

how did you guys spent your Vday?(:

Can't believe I'm starting another job soon,time passed real quick.But I'm gonna dread the long journey on my way there,kinda creepy place to be in and thinking of all the 'What Ifs..'. Thinking of what to eat for breaks is a major headache too.Sigh.Have to work hard too and earn those cold hard cash.Am thinking of using it to buy technology again,heh.I know,gotten influence by all the people who have all the latest gadgets on their hands and the envious part.Shall see how it goes.
Hope work would turn out well,lady luck please come too:/

Shall end here~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Like A Dream.

It's been long since I've met up with my girls,sort of like lost touch with them all.Everyone is either working or already started schooling.Really hope we can get together again real soon...

Anyhoo,a splendid night spent with my fave girl at Vivo cum Resort World Sentosa cum Universal Studios Singapore on Thursday.Had our dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop,we made a mistake of ordering too much having too many side dishes to finish.Heh,in the end 2 or 3 dishes were wasted,oopsie.But honestly speaking the chicken is still the best,yummy!^^

Get on to Sentosa boardwalk,night scenery was awesome.
Walking along,serenity filled me with contentment,really nice ambiance(:
oh ya,those who have gf/bf should go there at night!I swear you'll have a great and quiet time together sitting down listening to the waves all that,hee.

We caught the crane dance there,though I guess if we're nearer to the performance it will be much better and clearer.At first I thought it's people doing the crane dance,find it weird when YX said I'll get to see from faraway.I mean if its people doing,probably can't see anything cos they'll just be small figures to us.Asked her again cos I'm really confused and finally i knew the truth-it's crane robots silly!LOL,guess I've never thought of that,mystery resolved!heh.It's a couple cranes too,wings are made of water,colourful lights shone at them to make the performance seem even more magical.You should go catch it sometime too,around 9pm.

However we could only watched awhile cos there's gonna be fireworks later,and really, they are absolutely spectacular together with the company of music.You have to be there to feel the whole 'live' show.Did made a video of the whole thing but silly me forgot to press the record button and there goes my video:'( hope there's still a next time,sigh.

Luckily there's pictures of USS and with 2 mascots for keepsake so yea,still real happy!^^ A really beautiful night spent with YX,really thankful,hehe.

On Friday,a trip to watch [It's A Great Great World] with mommy at J8.Rating of 7/10.Gave me an insight to the olden days when I'm not even born yet,seem pretty fun and fine.Stories were kinda short though,wish there were more but you know,sometimes we shouldn't be too greedy,hee.Borrowed many books to read too,one thing about fiction is you could just escape to somewhere awhile,away from all the worries.As they say,happiness is always short-lived.

Recently my next door neighbour passed away...Aunty must be really sad and this just happened so suddenly.Really was shocked too,still can't believe it.Uncle was a really kind person,he shouldn't just go like that.Life is really fragile,you never know when death will just strike and by then it's too late.Do cherish your loved ones and definitely spend more time with them before it becomes your regret.I hope Aunty will get well soon,wish she'll be stronger now.Rest in peace Uncle,i know you'll be in a better place now...God bless.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Some Random Things.

After years of lazing,done some changes and posting something now.Think I'm losing the interest in blogging cos nothing eventful is going on in my life right now.Readers near to none.No comments at all,hmph.Hahas.As expected.

Anyway,still gonna post something up cos I've neglect it for a while now and just to update whoever is reading this right now about my life.You'll be bored to tears though.Heh.

So,few weeks back received my bursary award,350bucks no certificate(although i wish i have one).It was nice that i could still receive it for the last year of my secondary school life.Photo is wayyyyy ugly to show you guys so just the cheque will do,hees(:

Next was the collecting of 'O' levels results,received a really cool bookmark from Ms Khalidal.Really generous of her,the most awesome teacher I've met yet.Thank you Ms K!

Still remembered the date,19Jan2011,came my surprise.Nothing really big or something but it was my very FIRST time winning a contest.$280 worth of movie hamper,titled Tangled.I know its way long since the movie had been out and gone but I'm sooooooo happy(: cos when i returned home and learnt this awesome news,really jumped up and down,hehe.One bad point is that I'll needa go to their place to collect,still went there a few days ago to collect though,all I can say is there is still a lot of things I've never seen before yet,like the frog in the well story you know?Heh,I'm really hoping i could win the other contests as well.Thank you SEVENTEEN!:D

Finally,a late Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year to all!Bored mostly, visiting both maternal and paternal houses.The only fresh things were playing monopoly deal,uno spin and went to Marina Bay Sands.Unluckily the day we went to MBS was that the car broke down halfway on the road,so just my mum and me went into the mall to look around,all are branded shops, but really nice design and all.Poor dad had to wait beside the car for the tow car company to come and we spent like 2-3hours waiting-.-
in the end,his boss was really kind to let us take another car home which meant we had to go to his home area to take.Cab just went round and round the houses,waste money lor.Awkward much when we met.Just felt so weird but ah well~

Okay,I'm ending my post soon.I'm jobless once again,returning to a new job soon,hehe.Money earned made me don't feel like spending them already cos i can't bear to spent them,haha.Weird huh.Maybe just on necessity and budget,rest of em' save up.

Update again real soon!^^

Somehow i feel lonely all over again.FML.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Guess what?

Hellooooo!I'm feeling happy today cos job ended well yesterday(:

2weeks+ of working,had my fun and clumsiness.Gonna miss those awesome colleagues.Loads of CNY goodies were given,treats also,hee.Gonna go shopping once CNY is over(:

Oh ya,26jan was the release of posting results.Gotten into TP,first choice.Kinda unexpected?Just hope in April its gonna be good, and start working hard for my goal to get into University.Same school and course as 2 of my girlfriends,really such coincidence are hard to come by.No idea how should i feel,lol.

In the meantime, enjoy CNY and get many ang baos!hehe.