Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sugar,spice & everything nice

Spent my Valentine's day with mommy, out for a shopping spree but came back with few loots only.I think walking aimlessly in search of finding something you really want is kinda tough.We went round and round can't even find a top or a dress.Sorry mommy for pulling you to accompany,maybe i should just go shopping on my own next time.Will get pretty nervous though,too self-conscious to even buy things on my own,such a letdown.I would prefer to coop myself at home rather than going out seriously.Especially with a book to read,it makes the whole day perfect(:

how did you guys spent your Vday?(:

Can't believe I'm starting another job soon,time passed real quick.But I'm gonna dread the long journey on my way there,kinda creepy place to be in and thinking of all the 'What Ifs..'. Thinking of what to eat for breaks is a major headache too.Sigh.Have to work hard too and earn those cold hard cash.Am thinking of using it to buy technology again,heh.I know,gotten influence by all the people who have all the latest gadgets on their hands and the envious part.Shall see how it goes.
Hope work would turn out well,lady luck please come too:/

Shall end here~

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