Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Some Random Things.

After years of lazing,done some changes and posting something now.Think I'm losing the interest in blogging cos nothing eventful is going on in my life right now.Readers near to none.No comments at all,hmph.Hahas.As expected.

Anyway,still gonna post something up cos I've neglect it for a while now and just to update whoever is reading this right now about my life.You'll be bored to tears though.Heh.

So,few weeks back received my bursary award,350bucks no certificate(although i wish i have one).It was nice that i could still receive it for the last year of my secondary school life.Photo is wayyyyy ugly to show you guys so just the cheque will do,hees(:

Next was the collecting of 'O' levels results,received a really cool bookmark from Ms Khalidal.Really generous of her,the most awesome teacher I've met yet.Thank you Ms K!

Still remembered the date,19Jan2011,came my surprise.Nothing really big or something but it was my very FIRST time winning a contest.$280 worth of movie hamper,titled Tangled.I know its way long since the movie had been out and gone but I'm sooooooo happy(: cos when i returned home and learnt this awesome news,really jumped up and down,hehe.One bad point is that I'll needa go to their place to collect,still went there a few days ago to collect though,all I can say is there is still a lot of things I've never seen before yet,like the frog in the well story you know?Heh,I'm really hoping i could win the other contests as well.Thank you SEVENTEEN!:D

Finally,a late Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year to all!Bored mostly, visiting both maternal and paternal houses.The only fresh things were playing monopoly deal,uno spin and went to Marina Bay Sands.Unluckily the day we went to MBS was that the car broke down halfway on the road,so just my mum and me went into the mall to look around,all are branded shops, but really nice design and all.Poor dad had to wait beside the car for the tow car company to come and we spent like 2-3hours waiting-.-
in the end,his boss was really kind to let us take another car home which meant we had to go to his home area to take.Cab just went round and round the houses,waste money lor.Awkward much when we met.Just felt so weird but ah well~

Okay,I'm ending my post soon.I'm jobless once again,returning to a new job soon,hehe.Money earned made me don't feel like spending them already cos i can't bear to spent them,haha.Weird huh.Maybe just on necessity and budget,rest of em' save up.

Update again real soon!^^

Somehow i feel lonely all over again.FML.

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