Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mindless Dreaming.

Was supposed to catch the Voyage De La Vie show but no tickets(cos its free,heh) for last Saturday so ended going on a shopping spree at VivoCity.Went looking for clothes on sale and miraculously there were a lot,spent quite a lot but its was way too fun to stop.Kinda like addictive uh,nothing more than $20,seriously.Coincidentally met Kelly on our way home,lol.Shall do this again next time,very soon perhaps,hee;)

So far,work had been alright,still felt kinda odd though.Never mind,as soon as its over I'm done with working for quite awhile.Don't work=no money and rotting at home,work=money and end of social life..sort of? I like to contradict myself a lot in this,no idea why.Ugh.Though I kinda hope next time could just find a home-based job,that's pretty awesome cos no need to face boss and customers directly plus bit more freedom,hahas.

Anyway,met up with the rest of the girls after work one day,really missed seeing them and having fun together,good times.Thanks for the day girls!(:

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